Sony SmartWatch 2 Launches In The US, Now Available From The Retail Stores For $200

Sony has recently announced their new SmartWatch 2 launch in the United Kingdom and Europe in June, following those releases, today, made the wearable device available for for $199.99 in the US retail stores . Full details can be grabbed right after this fold!

Since its launched, Sony may be focusing its energies on European and Japanese, but today it brings some of its latest Android hardawre to the US market. Sony Smartwatch 2 was said, would be arriving in the third-quarter of the year and the time has come and now launched for United States.

Sony has also announced the immediate US availability of the SmartWatch 2, users wil be able to grab it up directly with Sony or with other online retailers in the US stores.

The SmartWatch 2 from Sony is equipped with a 1.6-inch LCD display with a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels screen, and the wearable device works with Android smartphones and tablets running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and above. Obviously with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean!

The Sony’s SmartWatch is priced at 199.95 dollars, Sony is touting features like as long battery life, an IP57 (water-resistant) rating and extended compatibility. With an aluminum body and silicon wristband, microUSB charging, setup with NFC and a bit about how the watch can function by itself.

Other inclusions which Sony mentioned about was the standalone watch functionality which includes an alarm and timer as well. Dust proof Smartwatch 2 can perform a variety of functionalities like email reading, or text messages. Samsung is yet another manufacturer that produced an unique designed Galaxy Gear (smartwatch), which launched in the US recently. Now, Sony entered the party to give some competition against Galaxy Gear by launching Sony SmartWatch 2 in the USA.

Notable features is the Touching back on the display, which is transflective, basically yet another way to say the watch should be easily readable even under bright sunlight. Sony aside from the watch, will also have additional wristbands available in various colors and materials.

Although, the final word is that the Smartwatch 2 uses Sony Smart Connect app for application discovery, originally found in Google Play Store and pre-installed on Xperia devices. It is also said that Sony SmartWatch 2 has more than 80 fully-optimized apps available.


According to the recent report surfaced about Google, planning to unveil its next-generation Nexus Smartwatch – codenamed Google Gem before or by the end of this year. Apple is also expected to launch its new iWatch sometime in 2014. Stay tune to Grabi for more useful information on the topics related to Android, SmartWatch, Nexus 5 smartphones, and many more. Technically!