Some Latest iPhone 5C Mockups Reveal iPod touch-like Packaging And Shows Unannounced Shots [IMAGES]

With less than three and a half weeks or a month to go until the purported announcement of the next-gen iPhone, Apple fans actually didn’t get any idea of what is undoubtedly the key date in their annual tech calenders. It’s clarified that the Tim Cook’s team is well prepared to introduce the cheaper, “iPhone 5C” to the fold, a device that will attempt to help increase market share in the West while also establishing a consumer base in developing areas such as India and China. Now, before the iPhone event, folks are mocking up what they think Apple will present. A designer and developer, Martin Hajek has amid the anticipation of the iPhone (s), created some mock-ups not only of the packaging, but also the announcement itself.

The most popular subject? The iPhone 5C which was first mocked up in April 2013. The plastic packaging Hajek has gone with for the iPhone 5C reminds us quite a bit of the iPod touch. The iPhone 5C mocks covered nearly every facet in a bright, vibrant coloring reflective of the device’s own finsih, consumers would be no doubt grab the unannounced illusions as to which shade of the ranbow they’s selected.

Alongside the iPhone 5S likely to arrive in the high-end, premium cardboard box once again, the budget iPhone 5C will more likely arrives completely with different packaging. The iPhone 5C were to be afforded similar treatment to the high-end version, consumers could certainly get the wrong idea of selling a cheaper iPhone. The company will definitely be wanting to sell you the iPhone 5S over any other.

Cheaper and poses iPod touch-like encasing would seem most apt, and since the companies App Store-ready music player has continued to boast with younger audiences, expected that a colorful iPhone 5C will make its place heavily to tens heart.

What I believe is, there will be no next-gen iPod touches in the future, if, Apple launches a budget iPhone (iPhone 5C). Reason behind this is simple, a cheaper iPhone means an iPod touch which doesn’t support SIM cards, but in this low-cost iPhone you can place SIMs and make calls as you wish to. That’s the only comparison rest behind the scenes and you can also enjoy music with the iPod touch like music player as well.

The presentation of the packaging has also treated us to a very unofficial preview of the announcement ceremony. Seen in the snap shots is the Tim Cook, gleefully showing off the new iPhone 5C, as well as the iPhone 5S in that rumored champagne color configuration. Hajek has also showcased the iPad 5 too. (Source:

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