This App Lets You Save Snapchat Pictures Permanently On Your iPhone – Download Now!

About SnapHack? The application would be the best alternative to save anything received by a Snapchat account, what I mean is as far as social photograph apps go, Snapchat has been the most popular than others, like of which most other app developer can only expect. Purely based on being able to send photos to each other that always time-out after a period of time, maximum up to 10-seconds, Snapchat’s major appeal is that, technically, users should be safe in the knowledge that what they send won’t be there forever.

Permanent solution is always there, as in this case the situation isn;’t always as it seems and it turns out that anyone with a dolar in their purse can potentially save all the Snapchat images they receive, safely and sound for viewing whenever they want.

Costing $0.99 and now available to buy from the App Store, SnapHack promises to save anything that has been received by a Snapchat user so that the timeout never occurs, meaning the whole appeal of sending an image via the app is unfilled. Want to send that message next time, you might think twice about whether you want it to stick around.

SnapHack app lets you look at old images at anytime and the app itself is created by Darren Jones who says that he has not had any contact from the folks at Snapchat since this app hit the App Store. It’s fairly safre to say that they’re probably not overly keen on its existence though.

Want to save Snapchat pictures and videos without the sender finding out? The SnapHack app works by having users sign in into the application using their Snapchat login information. Anytime, users receive a notice of a new snap, they simply have to open the SnapHack and refresh the app to retrieve the new picture and videos they have received. After that they can open each snap individually and tell the app to save the file into their device.

Note: Saving the images is as easy as viewing them for the first time in the SnapHack app – if you’ve already viewed in on Snapchat before then the game is over. SnapHack will not save it! The fact that SnapHack lets them quickly and easily save snaps, while others may not be interested to hear their snaps may be getting saved without their permission.


Use SnapHack from now is a golden chance – everything they receive will be saved for offspring. All using a $0.99 app right now. Will Snapchat find a way to stop SnapHack from working? Don’t miss the SnapHack’s golden chance, until then!

(Download: SnapHack Pro for iPhone on the App Store)