SMS+ Tweak adds Native iOS Messaging App Functionality – Jailbreak

SMS+ (Jailbreak Tweak) for iPhone adds Functionality to the native iOS Messanger App (Messaging, Messages) . Now SMS+ allows you to quickly answer or Reply to the Incoming SMS without leaving the Messaging App, that you are using and also allows you a new Window via Activator Gesture, so that you can easily Compose a New Message.

This SMS+ Functionality on the Natice iOS Messaing App lets you choose the Address from your Contacts and also includes a “ Later ” feature, so that you can read that Incoming Message later ) with an icon in the SMS+ Status Bar will remmember you that it is there).

The most Awesome Features of this SMS+ iOS Messaging App for the iPhone is, you can also Choose to make the iPhone “Speak ” to an Incoming Message, when you on the Drive (driving) or when you cannot look at your iPhone Screen. This is not all, there are many Extra Options right inside the SMS app, like you can Mark all the Messages as Read, Delete, Unread all Messages and Timestamp every Message, show and Hide Conversations and a “Pull to Sort” feature is also included to Toggle the Conversations sorting between Dates and Senders.

SMS+ SMS+ Adds iOS Messaging Functionality

SMS+ Messaging App Features:

  • Quick reply (Activator gestures can also be configured)
  • Text to speech
  • Read later
  • Status bar notifications
  • Timestamps for every message
  • Mark all as read
  • Delete all
  • Pull to sort (sort by date or by sender)

This SMS+ can be Configured through your iPhone’s Settings App and want to experience this iOS Messaging App, you cann purchase this from Cydia Store at $1.99 and Enjoy.