Smartphone Screens Ready To Get Gorilla Glass 2, Unveiled At CES 2012

The 21st-century’s one of the most amazing inventions, the brand new Gorilla Glass is coming again! Developed by Pyrex manfacturer Corning, enriched the glory of iPhone and iPad, increasing its number in tablets and smartphone screens with rapid succession. Gorilla Glass,indesputedly hugged more then 500 million divices throught the world with its light weight and marvelously strong enough.

Smartphone Screens Get Ready : Gorilla Glass 2 is Coming

Now, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012), which is going to be organized in Las Vegas on monday will be glansed enthusiastically by millions of smartphone and tablet users while Pyrex manfacturer Corning will launch their brand new version of the material, Gorilla Glass 2!.

Technology is modifying all the edges of science and people are eagerly waiting for pluck it. There is no exemption for handsets and tablet device manufacturers, they are evidentely running to lure the users with new elegent divices with utmost possible thinner and higher functionality disigns.

While the guessings are roaming endlessly, nobody exactly knows how much lighter or stronger the new Gorilla Glass 2 is, the company is strategically tight-lipped. May be, even the real Gorillas themself struggle hard to crack the Gorilla Glass 2 screen of a smartphone!

James Steiner, the Speciality Materials General Maneger of Corning expressed his opinion about Gorilla Glass 2, that they will be very well ranked to greet any challenges and empower broader touch technology penetration with their latest innovation in Gorilla Glass technology. Pyrex manfacturer Corning is going to unvail an 82-inch touchscreen in the Consumer Electronics Show, along with a Gorilla Glass-covered video wall, flanked by Gorilla Glass-fabricated speakers. So it is not for the small divices. Now the company is preparing to unveil a brand new version of the material, Gorilla Glass 2, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Have you ever thought to shatter a Gorilla Glass smartphone? Would a thinner, lighter makes your device twice at a new model? Want to know about your thoughts, comments are waiting below!