Skype v1.0 For Windows Phone Now Available For Free – Download Now!

Microsoft has released its acquired VoIP repertire “Skype app” for its Windows Phone especially for those who lean the handset side of the mobile world, the official Skype app has not out yet still hanging for a quite a while now. Skype for Windows Phone was first released as a public beta at the end of February this year.

Well! i am an Nokia Lumia 800 user and want to try it, which Micrsosft have finally deemed Skype for Windows Phone a functionality and complete app worthy of a 1.0 version and ready for public consumption. The final 1.0 version of the Skype application has come just in time for all those enthusiastic consumers who are raiding local stores to snap up the Nokia Lumia 900, the latest must have smartphone.

Skype for Windows Phone sheds beta title, graduates to v1.0

So, today Skype’s fledgling Windows Phone app broke out of beta today, adding contact searching and landline calling to it’s VOIP repertoire. This update came to us of two months of the Beta introduction and boasts some handful of minor improvements that should keep your calls connected.

The Skype app is now live in the Windows Phone Marketplace and brings with it all of the features you would expect from a mobile version of the popular software that was originally created by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis but subsequently purchased by Microsoft in 2011.

If you’re one of those Windows Phone users, after downloading, you will be able to place voice and video calls to any of their contacts as well as make use of the built-in instant messaging type features to send text based messages. Calls to other Skype users are obviously free of charge with the app not being platform limited, meaning that Windows Phone Skype users can place voice and video calls to any worldwide Skype user, regardless of the platform they are using Skype on.

However, as the full version doesn’t yet have support for receiving calls in the background – if the app isn’t running, your phone isn’t ringing. But, the ability to search through and add new contacts is a welcome feature, with the final release also benefiting from some user interface improvements over the beta version.

Skype v1.0 For Windows Phone Now Available For Download

Note: The lack of background abilities may prove to be a bit of a deal breaker for lots of users, means that the Skype app actually has to be running for incoming calls to be received.

Keeping in mind, Skype for Windows Phone does seem to perform great over 3G and 4G LTE data connections, and the similar way being extremely functional on either Wi-Fi which you could expect. This Skype implementation would sure to be a welcome addition to the Windows Phone Marketplace for regular users of the well established VoIP service. Hit the source link below to update! Via WPCentral

Download Skype for Windows Phone [Marketplace Link]