Skitch For Mac Finally Includes Evernote Sharing Now Available For Download

An unusual app called Skitch, which is a combined free tool and online service that helps you capture, edit and take screenshots from your computer. Evernote the great note taking service and application for tablets, smartphones, PC and Macs, bought Skitch back in August last year. After then Evernote have dropped its price to free and brought Skitch integration to Android and iOS Devices.

Skitch for Mac allows you to take screenshots on your OS X cumputer, edit them and sahre them with other sharing services, Screen grab your desktop, web browser or apps, annotate with pen, text, shapes and arrows, instantly upload to Evernote, resize, crop, rotate & flip images, take photos with your built in webcam and open and save in many different image formats.

Skitch update announced by the Evernote allowing users to share Skitch docs through Evernote, with a single click, you can send annotated images, screenshots and ideas directly into Evernote’s service and share them throuh their awesome Skitch sharing interface.

Evernote explains:

In the near future, we will transition away from sharing in favor of Evernote sharing. This transition will allow all Skitch users to experience the many benefits of Evernote.”

Want to grab the Evernote’s Skitch sharing for OS X, which is now available from Mac App Store for free of cost.

Download Skitch For Mac OS X [App Store Link]