Siri0us Dictation App Removed from Cydia, Due to Over Licensing Issue and Unauthorized Use

Few days ago, we published a post on how you can install Siri dictation on your iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad and the iPod Touch using Siri0us application, which could be used on older jailbroken iOS devices to enable, Siri dictation services. Unexpectedly the developer Eic Day has now had to remove the Siri0us app from Cydia website.

Why the Siri dictation enabler will be removed from the Cydia ? because its unauthorised use of Naunce’s dictation service. That allowed users to dictate emails and SMS text messages on iDevices older than the new iPhone 4S. which is already built with the official Siri Application inside and uses Naunce services as well.

Day had tried his way by contacting Naunce about the possibility of licensing the Voice Recognition Naunce technology. But they have been “ignored” that email from him and revealed in a tweet.