Siri-like App Lands On Android Market [Fake Siri App] – Download Now!

There are several applications that allows you to fake siri messages and fake Siri conversations without needing any Apple iPhone 4S. Best Siri alternatives were already posted by Grabi in the form of a post published a few weeks ago, as “top 6 best Siri alternatives for Android devices“. Today we will talk about this Fake Siri app which is now available in the Android Market. Details after the break!

What do you mean by Fake Siri app? That means, which having the similar functionality than the original one. When we go to the past, this has lead to a number of fake apps appearinng on the Android Market, thinking why, Google doesn’t check apps that appear on its Market. The latest comes in the form of Siri for Android app, which is a fake application.

We can see that the app was published by a developer called “Official App”, this will be an attempt to make people fool telling them as, it is an official app, and the developer also has another app called  Pinterest, which obviously isn’t from the Pinterest team.

This Siri Android app uses Google Voice, and according to the Next Web this fake application has already been downloaded by Androud users over 100o times, which shows in the Market.

On Wednesday, “Siri for Android” by app publisher “Official App” hit the Android Market, launching on the Google marketplace to deliver what many are going to believe is an official port of Apple’s Siri software to Android smartphones. In reality, it’s a shortcut that launches Google’s built-in Voice Actions — and it’s already been installed on more than 1000 devices.

The app developer doesn’t hide the fact that Siri for Android a simple app launcher in its Android Market description, stating:

Siri, now for your Android device!

This application is a Siri icon that opens “Google’s Voice Actions” app.

You too can grab this Fake Siri app right now from the Android Market, but careful, which may have malware, spyware, etc. Warning! or take it like a Caution.