Siri Can Control An Entire Room Lights, Curtains, Fans (VIDEO)

Yesterday we wrote about how you can control your iPad apps using the voice assistant in the iPhone 4S, already seen Siri controlling a car, launching television and launching apps. We have wrote about the SiriProxy by developers Plamoni is really awesome project that no one can deny.

When Siri proxy is combined with Apple’s iPhone 4S in an exclusive manner of digital voice assistant aka Siri, there are possibilities which are ultimate and endless. This time we’re really shocked of what SiriProxy can do when it mixed with the iPhone  4S Voice Recognition “Siri”.

Why i am amazed ? Siri now has been hacked to control an entire room. Developers named phildman14 has shot a video demonstrating how Siri is controlling his entire room.

Siri was successfully ported to the iPhone 4 and iPod touch couple of weeks back. It has been also connected to Apple’s servers successfully. While going to the past, Siri ported on iPhone 4 and after some days Successfully Ported Siri on the iPod Touch , as well as iPhone 3GS. Siri was installed on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch and also connected to the Apple’s Servers , but till now there is no Installation guide available now. Here’s How to Install Siri (GUI Only) on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Running iOS 5 [Guide]

The developers showed in the YouTube Embedded Video below that can use the command and the power of voice to control curtains, fans, and lights using Siri Proxy:


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