Share WiFi Network with Android Users without Typing Password – How to

How to: Share your WiFi Network with your Android Friends (users) without (No Need) Password Typing Required . By S haring your SSID to make her type out your Entire WPA passcode , you can give your Android User access to your WiFi Network .

This How to Guide : Tells you How to Generate your QR Code containing your WiFi Network password , then how to use Barcode Scanner app to automatically log onto your Network in one click.

Scan QR Code with Barcode Scanner to get Access to WiFi Networks

Important Note – You could use WiFi Joiner app which generates a QR Code for your Network, but that requires the other Android User to have this WiFi Jaoiner on their Phone Installed.

Create QR code ? for that you have to head over to ZXing Project’s QR Code Generator Site , where ZXing are the Developers of the Barcode Scanner.

* Select “WiFi Network” in the Drop-down menu and Enter your SSID (the WiFi Network Name), and Password and Network Encryption and type (eg: WPA or WPA2)

After Generating  by Clicking on the Generate Button, you will get a QR Code, so that you can save and Print out if you like.

To Connect to your WiFi Network, your Friends (HE or She) will need to install Barcode Scanner App on their Android Phone , so that they can Scan the QR Code, that you generated/Created.

You get to keep your Wi-Fi network password private and make it much easier for your friends to join your network.

Important Note – If someone scans your QR code using a different QR code scanner, it’ll simply display your network password as plain text—which is still a quicker way to get your password to a friend’s phone, particularly if you have a long or complicated password. This tip is best for home use, where you wouldn’t mind a friend seeing your network password in plain text, anyway. Via Lifehacker