Want To Share Your iPhone Or Cellular iPad Data Connection Through Personal Hotspot, Here’s How [GUIDE]

My favorite and very useful handset would be the Apple’s iPhone, almost comes with lot of features and abilities for daily directions, information and useful apps and in particular, it packs with a personal hotspot. Reason why I prefer iPhone, so that I can get online with my other devices, such as Wi-Fi-enabled tablet, and my Dell Laptop. Apart this, the personal hotspot on the iPhone not only connects with Wireless connections, but if you have got a data plan with your mobile carrier, you can seamlessly share your connection with any device via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. Detailed below!


Here’s How You can Set-Up and Use Personal Hotspot On Your iPhone Or Cellular iPad’s Internet

Note: Point to be noted is that you can only share your mobile data connection using Personal Hotspot feature, but not the WiFi connection. Already connected to a Wi-Fi network, your device will automatically switch to mobile data when you turn on your Personal Hotspot on your iDevice. Additionally, some of the major carriers may not support such hotspot connections, and others may charge an extra fee of using a personal hotspot. Important is that make yourself sure to check out if that applies to your mobile plan before using this.

Setup Personal Hotspot on your Cellular iPads and iPhones

1. Launch Settings on your cellular iOS device from home screen and tap Personal Hotspot.


2. Once launched, toggle Personal Hotspot ‘On’.

3. Now, you will notice a present Wi-Fi password on this screen; tap if you’d like to change it, or you can use the same on your other iPhone or Cellular iPad when logging on to hotspot.

To connect a device via Wi-Fi? Simply turn on the WiFi signal on other device and search for the network with your iOS device name. Once found your network, enter the password from the Personal Hotspot screen on your device and that’s it, you’ll be able to share your iPhone’s “3G” internet connection.

In order to connect a device via Bluetooth, ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on on both the devices. If not! When prompted to turn it on to enable hotspot sharing via Bluetooth, allow it.

Pairing iOS device is simple, look at the list in the Bluetooth devices connected on your device. You’ll be prompted on both the connected devices to allow pairing, then go ahead and tap on OK to complete the connection.

Note: Using an Android-powered Google Nexus 7 device, you may also have to mention that you’d like to use your paired iOS device for internet access. To enable it, select your iPhone in the list of paired devices and check the box labeled Use for internet access.

Pair iPhone and Android Via Personal Hotspot

Now, to share your hotspot with a PC or Mac OS X computer via USB – Connect your computer to your iOS device using the USB cable that came with it officially.

Once your work is done, you can simply disconnect devices, and here’s the way – simple toggle personal hotspot off in Settings on your iOS device, or turn off Bluetooth, or unplug the usb cable from your computer.

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