SBSettings for iOS 5 via Cydia Release: Download with Notification Center

BigBoss has own Repository for Compatible Cydia App s released SBSettings for iOS 5 Download . BigBoss now Released (Jailbreak App) SBSettings beta for iOS 5 via Cydia . SBSettings is used to Access iPhone Settings from any app without going through the way of existing the apps and launching Settings App .

SBSetting iOS 5 with Notification Center Download via Cydia

As we all know, that Apple Released iOS 5 GM for Developers . iOS 5 Installation was available for non Apple Developers (No UDID Check). To Upgrade iOS 5 GM from iOS 4.3.5/4.3.4/4.3.3 , here is How to Upgrade to iOS 5 GM , so that you can try it before the iOS 5 Final (Public) Released on October 12th.

Yesterday, there was some news about Apple to Release iTunes 10.5 and Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 Update before iOS 5 Final and iCloud Public Released on October 12th.

Now we are here to let you know that SBSettings for iOS 5 available for Download Via Cydia . SBSettings Installation on iOS 5 iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch is possible when you Jailbreak iOS 5 on iOS devices. Where SBSettings is a Jailbreak tweak (Cydia) available for iOS 5. If you are Ready to Jailbreak iOS 5 GM using Redsn0w or iOS 5 GM Jailbreak on Windows using Sn0wbreeze from HERE.

Redsn0w 0.9.9b4 Download to Jailbreak iOS 5 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when iOS 5 Final Released to Public on October 12th.

What is SBSettings for iOS 5 ?

Actually, BigBoss: SBSettings to access iPhone Settings from any app without Going through the hassle of Existing App and Launching the Settings App. Developers can Create Custom Toggles for SBSettings for iOS 5, so that can be Installed from Cydia after iOS 5 jailbreak.iPhone User via SBSettings can get Quick Access too.

What are New Features:SBSettings for iOS 5 Includes:

SBSetting for iOS 5 Download available from CYDIA

This Cydia Jailbreak Tweak “SBSettings” for iOS 5 includes several new features and improvements. SBSettings iOS 5 Tweak features Notification Center Integration, so that you can use the Old Notification Style window or use the New iOS Notification Center or use Both Notifications.

* After Installing SBSettings on iOS 5 iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can also choose which toggles to appear in Notification and also Choose the Window Selection too.

* Current SBSettings Themes and SBSettings Toggles are supported with this iOS 5 Jailbreak Tweak.

* You can Customize you own Notification: Choose which you want to show up in Notification Section and what not to Show, you can add more Button Row, or no more Button row, add Extra Text, or No Extra text, The Toggles, The Docks, No Toggles at all or any combination of.

Important Note – This SBSettings iOS 5 Notification area is a limited Screen resource, so it is up to you how to Customize Notification Settings.

This SBSetting for iOS 5 is used to Customize your Notification Center with Whether, Alarm Clock Settings, Contacts, Cydia Apps and so on. SBSettings, no body can Deny the Importance. SBSettings for iOS 5 will be your best Choice. For iOS 5 iPhone 4S: Download SBSettings from Bigboss iOS 5 Beta Respiratory now.

If you want to test SBSettings for iOS 5, you need to add to your repository list in Cydia.

How To Install SBSettings On iOS 5 on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad .

If you have Upgarded to new iOS 5 and Jailbreak iOS 5 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and already Installed several iOS 5 Jailbroken Apps from Cydia app store. Then you might have Notice that some require Activator app and Installed Activator App and those Installed iOS 5 Jailbroken apps do not run Full Screen on the iOS Device. So, they also occupy the Quarter of iPhone Screen, which is really annoying. How to Fix the Quarter Screen Issue on iPhone Jailbroken iOS 5 Install is Here .