Saurik Launches Cydia Substrate And Winterboard On Android – Download Now!

Saurik, aka Jay Freeman known to many, is the most popular man behind not just Cydia Store but various inners working on iOS jailbreak programs. First of all he brought the theming ability to the world with introducing Winterboard, the most popular iOS theme platform on jailbroken iOS devices. Continuing his ability, stepped to his next one surprising us that much.

Today, in a tweet, Saurik has stated that he has just launched two apps on the Google Play Store. Yes! You heard right, Saurik now merged into the Android ecosystem, and in a large way. With Winterboard and Cydia Substrate apps in general are two great tweaks debuted on Android platform, now available to download for free.

Winterboard-android Winterboard for Android

Actually, to install in iOS, your device must be jailbroken on iOS 4-iOS 6.1.2/6.1.3/6.1.4, and now on Android, both apps require a rooted device. Winterboard in my iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is the most useful app and it is pretty self explanatory if you’ve ever come across the Cydia app – you can download theme packs to change the homescreen to icons of the Android device experience just like iOS.

Note: Because its super early in the development process, we suspect it’s only a matter of time before things really kick off.

Cydia is obviously filled with awesome themes for Winterboard, and certainly Google Play Store will no doubt be the same as time passes behind. Already it has some Winterboard alternatives such as ADW Launcher, XE launcher and CyanogenMod 10. Which doesn’t need any Android device to be rooted. Cydia’s Winterbaord is worth checking out!

About Cydia Substrate? Being a starter, you’ll need Cydia Substrate in order to install Winterboard and use it, which will be used as the crux of future apps, too. Cydia Substrate won’t actually look like it’s doing anything on its own, mainly it isn’t. Substrate will only enable when another aoo is installed that uses it, just like Winterboard with.

Substrate being a gum that holds the iOS jailbreak system together, and it’s sure to become an integral part what where Saurik intents to take Android development going forward. In my though, your favorite iOS jailbreak tweaks will eventually make their way to Android. Great to hear!

Cysia Substrate Android Cydia Substrate APK for Android

Winterboard on iOS, obviously needs Substrate in order to make that particular tweak of magic happen without any hassle. Both arriving on Android is great news for those who love to theme on their smartphones, and in an pretty easy way. Before you continue, Cydia Substrate requires that you have Android 2.3 Gingerboard and higher installed on your device. How to guide is available right below along with the download link!

(Source: Cydia Substrate / WinterBoard for Android on the Play Store)