Samsung Working On Its Own Google Glass Alternative – The “Gear Glass”?

Rumored or it’s a fact that Samsung according to the latest reports prepping to create a Gear Glass, a Google Glass competitor to the market by April or May 2014 next year. However, when it comes to emerging products in mobile space, the South Korean company is very rare caught off the pace, and Samsung following the release of the Galaxy Gear – the first smartwatch effort from any of the big names in tech world – it now looks like the company is going to build a product rivaling that of Google Glass.

According to industry insider Eldar Murtazin, the South Korean outfit is working on it own pair of digital spectacles (alternative to Google Glass), which he is touting for a spring release under the “Gear Glass” brand. Complete details can be found right after this break!


It’s though by many and suggested that Google Glass will not make a widespread impression on the consumer market. it’s fair to say that the consensus pertaining the wearable tech is one of excitement. Now, with Samsung in the scene and the insider suggesting Gear Glass could release around April-May dates, Google Glass will obviously has a serious competitor alongside the Apple’s iWatch. Galaxy Gear smartwatch is yet another product that hasn’t exactly made any wave since its launched. Gear Glass will be the new endeavor apparently has the mettle to take on the well-developed, heavily lauded Google Glass.

Google Glass How-to
Unofficial features without being anywhere near confirmed, you can bet that Gear Glass would knockoff Google Glass in 2014, which will be wearable hardware, fitted with a camera, capable of running apps and connecting to your smartphone wirelessly. Notably, the Gear Glass device will only be connectable to Galaxy-branded smartphones and tablets. The company would come through with its own take on the head-mounted accessory?

Only time will tell whether Samsung is planning is own competitor, and whether it will be of much use. The limited functionality and compatibility of the Galaxy Gear has been rather clipping hitherto, and with Google Glass fairly making a strong effort to prepare its Gear Glass project for the masses. Thoughts!

(Source: Eldar Mutazin [Twitter])