Samsung To Announce Galaxy S III On May 22nd

After various rumors, now a partial image confirms that Samsung Galaxy S III will be announced soon next month and not in the early dates as 1, 2, 3 but on end of coming month. We are expecting Samsung to unveil their new Galaxy S III smartphone some time over the next couple of months, after this came out and made possible date for the Galaxy S3 announcement.

The photograph below was apparently leaked in a press invite for the Korean company’s Samsung Galaxy S III launch event, and well its a leaked one so we aren’t sure whether the image is surely of the Galaxy S3, but it has appeared on quite a few korean publications, including Yahoo News.

If Samsung is readying its Galaxy S III for May 22nd announcement, then that would mean a possible launch date for the device of sometime in June, which make a true rumor with the previous one we had already heard about Galaxy S III will go on sale globally some time in June 2012.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S3 photo is awesome, which has a sleek body design and can compete to any other smartphone either with the Apple (iPhone 4S or Next Iphone 5). As soon as we get some information from Samsung that this date is the actual special event date for the Samsung Galaxy S III we will let you guys know.

Stay tuned to Grabi to grab information on Galaxy S III with amazing features announcement in May 2012.