Samsung Stops Supplying Apple With Batteries For iPad / MacBook

Did you know that most of iPad mini displays were supplied by LG Electronics? According to the report both LG Display and AU Optronics are currently supplying the displays for Apple’s new iPad mini tablet. This is not what we are talking today, but Samsung is making some business decisions to move away from supplying Apple. While it may be coming after them with legal action.

Rumored in October that Samsung has terminated its LCD contract with the Cupertino company, which was a big one, because the south Korean company is Apple’s largest supplier of displays, shipping tens of millions to the Cupertino per year. Few days ago, Samsung filed a patent lawsuite against iPad mini, iPad 4, and then Apple also filed against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy S III Mini.

Now, Samsung has decided in stopping supply chains to Apple with batteries for the iPad and MacBook laptops. Officially, we got no other details, but it could seem that Samsung has stopped the supply rather than Apple initiating it.

While Apple has now called upon other manufacturing partners to make up the difference, which would lead to millions of batteries, which can hurt the Cupertino rather than Samsung.