Samsung Ad Mocks Everyone Who Waited in Line for an iPhone – YouTube Video

Well! Samsung and the Apple are the two big competitors in the world who are posting some funny things and hurting each other. Samsung now attempts to underline Apple’s mystique and its hold on consumers with a Galaxy S II (S2) Ad that which is mocking the iPhone and its users.

The ad, which was set to premire on Facebook Tuesday evening andthen hit the TV on Thanksgiving, doesn’t mention Apple or the iPhone 4S by name, since, instead, fans are showing lining up outside an Apple Store-like location nine hours before it opens. “Someone just left,” says one woman. “Why would they be leaving when we’re only nine hours away?” asks her male companion. “Uh oh,” says another guy in line, reading off his phone. “The blogs are saying the battery looks sketchy.” Which is pointing to the newly released iOS 5 running and Siri integreted iPhone 4S, which was sick with some bugs like battery issues, signal problems and yesterday on WiFi network issue.

The Samsung’s S2 Ad Mocks Apple iPhone 4S Users on an Youtube video described: ust then, a cool group of young men and women come into the line’s view sporting a Samsung Galaxy S II. The crowd is drawn to the phone, although one guy haughtily dismisses it. “I could never get a Samsung,” he says. “I’m creative.” “Dude, you’re a barista,” his friend replies. The ad also makes much of the S II’s 4G compatibility (iPhones are still on 3G), which leads to the kicker: “The next big thing is already here.”

However the ad takes a new way, Samsung is hardly wil be the first brand to challenge Apple’s iOS devices. Samsung has posted a new ad for its Galaxy S II that mocks hard core Apple fans who wait in line to purchase the iPhone. Watch YouTube Video: