Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Launched As A Limited Edition Concept [Report]

Two more days left for the Samsung’s official launch of Galaxy Note 4, hits 140 countries worldwide. But if you’re looking for the curved Note, which the company unveiled at IFA earlier this month, then, you’ll have to continue to be patient.


According to the Samsung official, the Galaxy Note Edge will treated by the company as a limited edition gadget. Concept is nice and saying that it will forever be a niche device, doesn’t make sense.

It now seems that Samsung apparently planning to ramp up production for the Edge pretty slow, and it doesn’t look like it will be made available in many places at once – rather, roll-out go region by region. The South Korean company expects to sell around a million units later this year after its launched.

Note: 4 your sake, we heard that the Note Edge will not be affordable, but quite expensive and would clearly relegate it into niche device segment. Although, it’s clearly show up that the Galaxy Note Edge in terms of specs and design will be the successor to last year’s niche, the Galaxy Round, and not as higher-end version of the Note 4.

Finally, in South Korea, the Note Edge might be cast in late October and launched in other countries in November, and if Samsung stops its rollout, then it will be see the light in 2015 before it’s out in most of the territories.

Thanks to GSMArena!