Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 And NX30 Mirrorless Camera With NFC Photo Sharing Announced [PHOTOS]

Here are the details about Samsung’s newly unveiled Camera range. One of which is the Galaxy Camera 2 and the second is the NX30 mirrorless camera all with NFC-based “Tag & Go” sharing feature. The Camera trend is of course the next in technology arena, still on the top side, and now, with Samsung unveiling two more conenders today in the form of Galaxy Camera 2 and the NX30, the trend is live.

Both the cameras from Samsung is NFC capable, to be touched with the camera and start sharing photos right away. Onwers can now tap your phone against either shooter to begin transferring photos. Also offered more control through upgraded Remote ViewFinder apps that now let you get all controls on the screen on your smartphone that you’d expect to see on the camera itself.

First, the Galaxy Camera 2 is a perfect upgrade to the first-gen Galaxy Camera, but it still carries the same 16MP sensor, with the battery capacity has seen a rise to 2,000mAH power. Same 21x zoom lens it sports and a 4.8-inch LCD of its predecessor.

The Galaxy Camera 2 now carries a 1.6GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, and on the software front, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean in onboard, bringing with it 120fps slo-mo video recording that video enthusiasts will surely surprsie. Manually configurable auto exposure and autofocus controls available now as well.


Now, the Samsung’s NX30, builds on the NX20’s formula with upgrades to image quality and the display. The NX30 is a mirrorless camera, adds more goodies to the existing package. Thanks to an upgraded, 20.3-megapixel sensor and supirior autofocus system that’s being dubbed as “hybrid”.

According to Samsung, the new mirrorless can pose both a more light-sensitive 20.3MP sensor and a fast hybrid autofocusing system that takes just 80ms to find its subject. Faster than most interchangeable lens cameras out there, and more off the on-camera display swiveled out and tilted for better control.

Take a look at the back and you’ll find a brighter, Super AMOLED-based touchscreen that can now tilt, not just swivel; on the side, there’s a new 3.5mm microphone input. Also appreciate two 16-50mm lenses launching alongside the NX30, including a quiet f2-2.8 lens and a video-friendly, f3.5-5.6 power zoom unit.


Packaged with the NX30 are two lenses – one F2-2.8 variety and the other being F3.5-5.6 power zoom – to give you a good experience from the get go.

As of today, currently, Samsung hasn’t provided any details on the availability or pricing of the two new camera models, but excited to check out the worthy specs of Camera 2 and NX30. Thoughts!