Samsung Galaxy A5 Now Available To Buy In Russia For $440

The bigger A series smartphone the Samsung Galaxy A5 announced back in October. It’s made its debut in China so far, and finally today hits Europe – though only made available in Russia for the moment.


Price being stated as RUB 23,990 which is around $440 or €354 at the current exchange rates. The Galaxy A5 in China went on sale at $420, so Samsung is keeping the pricing consistent here. The smaller Galaxy A3 has also been listed by one Russian carrier in four color ptions, which shows up all out of stock. Crazy!

Still, it gives the glimpse of the A3 handset’s price, which ges with a RUB 16,990 ($312, €251). Since its up at its own page at that carrier, expecting soon to be available. You can now purchase the A5 from a variety of Russian online retailers.

Notably, the two Samsung’s new Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 devices are expected early next year elsewhere in Europe. Stay tuned!

Source (in Russian)