Samsung Galaxy A Series Launches In November Against Xiaomi [Report]

Finally the incredibly oft-leaked Samsung’s Galaxy A series is going to get official very soon, it seems. Now, a report surfaced from its home country of South Korean which claims that the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 will go on sale at some point in November.

Galaxy-Alpha-metal-cladAll the above three are well rumored to emulate the design of the metal-clad Galaxy Alpha, which exclusively uses a metal frame. Pricing of the three will differ though, while the A series consists of low-end and mid-range offerings, so, they’ll be more affordable that its rivals.

On the other hand, Samsung is said to challenge Xiaomi with these smartphone models. releasing them on the Chinese market after unveil. Although, according bto one account, Xiaomi has already become the world’s third biggest smartphone maker, following Samsung and Apple and that’s mostly thanks to its sales in China.

Xiaomi’s products are pretty much known for pairing decent specs with incredibly low prices, and Samsung can’t just sit idle and watch their handset numbers n China start collapsing, and this is the reason why the SK company created A series to comepete head-on with Xiaomi.

Interesting part is that whether the A3, A5 and Galaxy A7 got perfect specifications, which can eventually make a name for themselves in the highly-competitive Chinese market. Samsung reportedly thinks that these three devices are equal in terms of specs to Chinese smartphones which costs around $475, but that’s quite unrealistic.

As per the news report from Korea IT Times, Samsung is now making the necessary preparations for the launch of the low-priced Galaxy A series in China. It remains to be seen if Sammy can beat Xiaomi and the rest of the Chinese manufacturers at their own game.

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