Rumored 7-inch Google’s Nexus Tablet To Go Into Production In April

It was the day when Google announced that they would be launching their own Android tablet in the past year, which was called to be Google Nexus tablet. But it wasn’t launched.  Nexus smartphone was actually manufactured by the Samsung running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the first OS that implemented and named it as Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, as an Android smartphone.

Today, according to the recent Cnet report, Google may put its Nexus Tablet into production in the coming April month, which is rumored to feature with a 7-inch display, and would be priced around the $199 range loking to take on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

The Google’s 7-inch Nexus Tablet woulkd come with the 5th version of Android mobile operating system “5.0 Jelly Bean”, reports say Google would put their Nexus Tablet into production in April that features a 7″ display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

Other rumored report said that the Nexus android tablet is expected to come with a stock version of Google’s Android OS, probably with 4.0 ICS.

These are the expected features, but not confirmed before or currently, if any updates available on this topic “Google has Android tablet in works” and reveals anything we will let you know first.

Update: Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt has confirmed that the search gaint is now working on its own Android-based Nexus Tablet would be launch in 2012 Q1.