Reset your Wireless Router – How to Setup

How to: Reset your Wireless Router ? I am fasing some problems with my Wireless Router. Problems like I am loosing Internet Connection, its says Network Unidentified Network, and Server Not Found, and so on. Sp, i decided to search for the Tips and Tricks to Reset my Wireless Router and got some tips and those i am going to share with you.

How to Easily Reset Wireless Router

If you lost your Internet Connection and are unable to Surf the Web, then this problem is with the Wireless Router. Read these steps to easily reset your Wireless Router.

How to Reset Wireless Router in an Easy Way and Fix:

1. You can see that on your Wireless Router back, there will be a little back Reset button (to switch off and On). So, by using your finger press it down for 10 seconds and make sure the lights are stopped blinking on the Wireless Router. Now Press to Switch it On and make sure to Reset your Wireless Security and Network ID.

2. If the above steps do not work just unplug your routers power cord. This is the easiest way to reset your internet connection without resetting your router to factory settings.

3. These two are not working to Reset your Wireless Router then, Unplug the power cord of your Modem. So that it can completely reset the Internet Connection without Ressetting the Wireless Router.

After doing these steps, Restart your Computer, so that it can take effect and can connect to the Internet and your Wireless Router can work in the correct way.