Redmi 1S Gets MIUI V45 OTA Update, Fixes Heating Issues And Improves RAM Stability

Being an Xiaomi Redmi 1S user, here’s a good news about the roll out of a new stable update for Indian users, who were complaining about some issues in the past of the smartphone heating up and the RAM management as well. The over-the-air update, sized at 515MB, seeded to Redmi 1S smartphones.

Screenshot_2014-10-14-09-37-17Although, after updating to the version MIUI JHCMIBH45.0 update, especially fixes several issues, including heating alongwide improved thermal control algorithm to regulate temperature, as well as can see the improved RAM availability in MIUI to prevent background apps getting destroyed, better UI enhancements and performance by fixing such as frame rate drops and user interface lag when gaming.

More over, this new update improves the Redmi 1S battery life as well, since it reduces the device’s temp. Xiaomi notes that it has released the update. Rolling out already!


Check the change-log of the MIUI JHCMIBH45.0 update, below:


  • Added thermal control to prevent the device from heating
  • Optimized RAM usage to prevent background apps from getting killed
  • Improved the security of cloud messaging

Navigate to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. OTA update found, then install it as its an official update rolled out by the Xiaomi company itself. For more details regarding this update for Redmi 1S, head over to the MIUI Forums from here.