How To Record Skype Calls on iPad or iPhone

Skype for iPad Released and available in App Store . Today we are discussing about How to Record Calls from Skype Service . Actually, Skype iPad App brings Video Calling/Chat and rather Full-featured and to Record Skype Calls on iPad , there are no tools available yet. But, it is simple to Record Skype Calls on iPad , for that you have to simply follow these steps.

Skype Calls record on iPad/iPhone - How ?

Many pod-casters are using several other Skype recording tools on Traditional Computers , but recording calls out of the box using iOS device is not yet possible. Don’t worry, you can use a tool as simple as a voice recorder to capture your audio Skype calls at a reasonable quality.

First to Know – This Skype app is Compatible with the original iPad and Apple iPad 2 (supported to Make  Video Calling). The best feature of using Skype over the built-in FaceTime app is that it lets Video Chat with Friends who are outside Apple iMac or iPhone or iPad, and this Skype is available for all the Mobile Platforms that includes Windows, Linux, Symbian and Android and others too.

How to Record Skype Calls on iPad or iPhone

There are several Software tools out there for Recording Skype calls on the Computer Desktop, but Recording Skype calls on an Apple iPad/iPhone will be little bit different.

The Best Skype Calls Recorder will be Quick Voice – this is a free Voice Recorder with Minimal Interface and can be used to Record Calls Audio of Unlimited Duration, but this Quick Voice Recorder cannot be run in the Background and you cannot exceed 5MB of the Audio File size and transfer it out of your iPad.

Important Note – This method is increasingly primitive since it simply uses your Device’s built-in Microphone and Speaker to capture what is going on, and no Skype Integration Involved. You can connect your iPad to your computer in order to export the audio file you’ve just recorded, as long as it’s under 5 MB in size. via

Like it Grab Quick Voice to Record Skype Calls on iPad or iPhone and also Download Skype iPad App with Video Calls Support over WiFi Free from iOS App Store .