How To Take Photos While You Recording Video On Your iPhone 4 Using QuickPix

Thinking of any app that could capture a still image – a picture – a Photo – while simulatiniously shooting video with your iPhone. While with the default camera app you will have to stop recording video, switch back to camera mode, snap a photo, then again switch back to video mode and start recording. But you can now be able to take photos while recording videos on your iPhone 4. Want to know how? Details after this jump!

App Store having over a half million applications for everything, you would figure out have to at laest one in the Store for this issue. While figuring and checking out for a single app from, it can be very hard to find one you wanted. After sorting through the App Store we’ve found just exactly that app for that “QuickPix”.

If you are looking for this sort of camera app, then QuickPix does exactly what you desire. While firming a video, QuickPix has two buttons; one to stop recording, and another to take a photo. These photos are sent directly to your camera roll along with the video once you end the recording.

QuaickPix’s other features are Rapidfire (2 pictures per second), QuickPic (shoot on app launch), and the ability to separately set the focus and exposure.

Here’s the well discovered QuickPix, you will surely use it for firming right now. If you have multiple times to choose between capturing video or taking photos of a special wedding or birth day moment, you can now do both record Video/photo capture same time.

* Best on iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad 2
* Also works on 3GS with performance limitations
* Does not support iPhone 3G at this time

Key Features :

* Fastest full resolution bursting available
* Take pictures WHILE taking video
* Fast startup
* Minimal time between pictures
* Easy as the default camera
* Saves directly to the camera roll
* Advanced features that stay out of the way

Special Modes :

* RapidFire: Hold still button for full res burst
* VideoPix: Take stills WHILE shooting video
* QuickPic: Shoot on app launch

Other Awesome Features:

* Geo-coordinates / EXIF metadata support
* Custom buttons and interface settings
* Front/rear camera support
* Flashlight (iPhone 4)
* Auto Flash
* Photo browser
* Fully multi-tasking aware

What are you waiting for go get the QuickPix from the App Store at $1.99 to purchase.

Download QuickPix Camera App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes App Store Link]