QuickOffice For Android And iOS Now Goes Free With Google Drive Storage

Sign up now for free of charge in order to get 10GB of free Google Drive storage. Quickoffice, purchased by Google back in June last year, and with today’s announcement of the Quickoffice made many happy. Free for both iOS and Android users will be the best oppurtunity to be more productive on-the fly. The search giant in reagrds to acquire the office market share now offering the Quickoffice service completely free, meaning consumers can actually edit Microsoft Office documents without having to pay up any money.

Although, Microsoft expanded its own Office suite to iOS and Android, and now with the Quickoffice offerings, Google has no big competitor in Freeware section. Prior to the $15 buks it was always a bit expensive for the Quickoffice. Now, on Android and iOS it has dropped to free, and comes with 10GB of free Google Storage is you login into the app this week.

On top of the new pricing, Quickoffice is one of the best office suite also gets a few new updates, including the ability to create ZIP folders, a few more file formats, and more. For Android and iOS platforms, this office suite will be the treat that comes directly from the Big G.

Microsoft may have delivered Office 365 to those on other platforms besides its own, the free service is basically read-only. Editing on Microsoft Office, users need to pay a subscription fee, but that wasn’t enough to take full advantage, but with Quickoffice app, that’s not so budget-based.

Google makes some difference in producing substitutes to paid apps, like this Quickoffice is the best MS Office alternative service available for free. Obviously, this big move from Google offering Quickoffice completely free to everyone will undoubtedly upset the guys over at Redmond company.

In order to take advantage, users will need to download the Quickoffice app for iOS or Android and sign up using their Google accounts. Between today and September 26, you’ll also get an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for the next two years.

However, Google just made Quickoffice a bit of a bigger deal than it has been proving, and you can now download both versions of the app via the direct links below.

(Download: Quickoffice for iOS / Android) For Free Of Charge!