PwnTunes Tweak – To Copy files & Songs on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without iTunes

Grab PwnTunes Jailbreak Tweak : How to Share/Copy Files and Songs on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch without using iTunes ? . With PwnTunes Jailbreak Tweak you can Copy Songs and Files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

PwnTunes Jailbreak Tweak - Share/Copy Songs & Files on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

This Handy Jailbreak Tweak called “PwnTunes”, came with the best Functions for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to bbot. Once Downloaded this PwnTunes Jailbreak Tweak, you can Drag, Drop and even Sync Music without any need to connect to the iTunes and when installed it, you can do all of these on any Windows or Mac Cumputers easily.

If you are just trying to avoid iTunes like the plague, then use Copytrans Manager. It’s free, and provides a simple way to add to and edit your music library. I would personally much rather download that every time I wished to add songs from a different computer than pay so much.

The Bestr Feature of this PwnTunes Tweak is that, you can Drag Music into the “My Music” Folder in the Explorer and when you open text time on your iPod Touch, it will Seamlessly Sync them Over. With this PwnTunes Jailbreak Tweak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can Store anything like Songs, Files and Folders, means it turns your iDevice into a Portable USB Drive through you can save those all important Videos Downloaded and Work Documents, etc.

But, to Install this PwnTunes Jailbreak Tweak on your iDevice, you need to have your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Jailbroken before. After Jailbreak iPhone, Jailbrek iPad or iPod Touch you can Grab PwnTunes from Bigboss Repo for $12.99. via