Protect your Android Phone Affected by New Malware – Over 30,000 to 120,000

Android Phone Affected By Malware – Around 30,000 to 120,000 Android Users are affected by the New Malware called “DroidDreamLite” . How to Protect Your Android Phone from this New Malware?

Android DroidDreamLite Malware

Answer – According to the Lookout , an Android anti-malware Maker, this news was surfaced on the Web. Actually, this New Malware is the second iteration of a previous Threat, known as ” DroidDream “, that hit the Android Platform in March 2011, which has the ability to Download Malicious Packages onto the Android Devices.

This New Malware is known as ” DroidDreamLite ” similar to the previous version, that uses the fake Android Apps on the Android Market in order to spread, like the DroidDream (Previous Malware).

How this DroidDream and DroidDreamLite affects the Android Devices :

Android Phone affected by DroidDreamLite - New Malware

1. DroidDream Malware (Previous ) – Actually, it has the ability to Download Malicious Packages onto the Infected Device, but it cannot Download those in Background, that means the risk of Infection is pretty low. But it can syill harm unsuspecting users.

2. DroidDreamLite the New Malware – This Malware can also contact Remote Server even when the Infected app is not Running, that makes the threat more dangerous. This new  Malware will immediately Send out Information about the Device Specifications to the Remote Server, when the Infected App is Downloaded.

What are the Words said about DroidDreamLite Malware :

“Malicious components of DroidDream Light are invoked on receipt of a  android.intent.action.PHONE_STATE intent (e.g. an incoming voice call).  DroidDream Light is not, therefore, dependent on manual launch of the installed application to trigger its behavior.  The broadcast receiver immediately launches the <package>.lightdd.CoreService which contacts remote servers and supplies the IMEI, IMSI, Model, SDK Version and information about installed packages.”

These are the Apps you must stay away. Actually, The malware’s authors have modified reputable Apps commonly available from the Android Market and repackaged them with the infected code. The fake Apps were then submitted back to Google’s own Android Market using 5 different developer accounts.

Magic Photo Studio

* Sexy Girls: Hot Japanese
* Sexy Legs
* HOT Girls 4
* Beauty Breasts
* Sex Sound
* Sex Sound: Japanese
* HOT Girls 1
* HOT Girls 2
* HOT Girls 3

Mango Studio

* Floating Image Free
* System Monitor
* Super StopWatch and Timer
* System Info Manager

E.T. Tean

* Call End Vibrate


* Quick Photo Grid
* Delete Contacts
* Quick Uninstaller
* Contact Master
* Brightness Settings
* Volume Manager
* Super Photo Enhance
* Super Color Flashlight
* Paint Master


* Quick Cleaner
* Super App Manager
* Quick SMS Backup

These infected apps are already removed from the Android Market Place, but you must be alert, because there is a possibility that this Threat will arise again. Via

How To Protect Your Android Phone – First of all Download an Anti-Malwrae Program, those are available in Android Market, like Lookout, AVG for Android and SmartGaurd Mobile Security and just keep them Updated.

Take care your Precious Android Phone, and please Download the Best Preferred Anti-Malware Protector for Your Android Phone .