Pro-Israeli Hackers Release 4500 Saudi Credit Cards, DDoS Bank websites and More

The ongoing long story of heroic achievement between Pro and anti-Israeli Hackers Persist in an activity to intensify as pro-Israel attackers use distributed refutation of service attacks to take down the websites of three notable Saudi banks. Other than that they allow to access unauthorized data over 4,500 credit card numbers complete with expiration dates, names and addresses –These datas claimed to be purloined during a current penetration of one of the largest Saudi financial institutions.

Hackers suddenly fetched to adjourn with public messages. One paste posted by IDF-Team warned of the forthcoming DDoS attack while this one inveterate the deed was successful. At the time of this writing,, and were unreachable.

IDF-team expresses in their message that, “Time limit: up to factors terrorists stop their terrorist acts against Israel” which indirect s these websites may remain down until the operators overcome the interference or IDF-Team may losses their restraint. The hacking group notified they would take websites down for “weeks or months” at a time if anti-Israel hackers did not abstain from acting against Israel. 0xOmar, an anonymous spokesman for the attacks was retaliated orally by Israel’s Deputy Forgine Minister Danny Ayalon, equalizing hackers to terrorists. No person responsible for such attacks would escape Israel’s punishment.

The non-compromising and ever aggressive hacker reached to Ayalons treat by alerting his pictures on at least one website run by the government. They also sent a slogan “death to Israel” On accessible site attacker user names and password for roughly 10 government. SCADA systems, published credentials for various government websites, released even more credit cards and launched a number of DDoS attacks. via