Popular Flappy Bird Game No Longer Available From iOS App Store And Android Play Store [Download]

Finally as promised by the developer yesterday about the removal of the popular game – Flappy Bird, which popped up at the top of the iOS / Android App Store free app charts has been pulled off officially.

About Flappy Bird? A game that how much it raned in through in-game ads, with around $50,000 mark per day, and then aollowed by the news that the game’s developer actually disliked the attention which his work was receiving. Decided to remove the game from both the stores, respectively.

The Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen announced that he is intended to pull his huge hit game from both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store following a series f tweets in which it became clear that the whole experience had left the previously unknown developer somewhat uncertain. He said that the game would be available for less than a day (22 hours), and today, as promised proven true and Flappy Bird went missing from both app stores.

The game is indeed no-longer available for download, which means that if you’re one of those few people to have not downloaded Flappy Bird yet, then you’re going o be out of luck. Those already installed it on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and Android smartphones and tablets will be fine to keep the flapping. No worry about the revenue for those existing installs for Nguyen.

The game’s creator has given no evidence that the game will ever return, but does reassure Twitter followers “…I still make games.”