Popular djay 2 iOS And Mac App Now Available On Android [Video]

One of the most popular iOS and Mac app djay 2 hits the Android platform. It was been four years of being offered as the best music mixing apps for users of iOS, the developers have finally rolled out the app for Android users via Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore.

djay-SpotifyIf you aren’t familiart with the publicity that forego djay 2, the app is as said the coolestr-to-real-life DJ experience one can have on a mobile phone. Surprisingly powerful features integrated in some top-end aesthetics given that fact that the entire application is laid out like an actual jukebox. Given djay 2’s limited with Mac and iOS, Android users will be honored to see the same hi-fi quality maintained for the Google’s platform version of the app.

djay-2-AndroidSimilar to the latest updated version of iOS, djay 2’s Android counterpart was launched with Spoitfy unification from the word go. Spotify integration does not depend on the Spotify app as music is streamed directly to djay 2, if the music was stored on your device. For those Android users not known for typically syncing their music library to their devices for one reason or another, this app will let you get up to speed with your DJ ambitions. However, the access will be granted to your locally stored music media all together.

djay-2-for-iphone-ipad-AndroidThis isn’t an unformed attempt at porting the app on Android, but its evidently from the intelligent scalling scene on various Android devices of varying screen sizes. Tablet, or a phone, the app will automatically scale itself for the screen size. The app, djay 2 brings in all its suite of features to Android, including controls for playback and session recording, setting and jumping to a cue point, syncing tracks together, accessing playback tools and effects, crossfading and automixing, key locking and speed changing, etc.

djay2With the plethora of mixing and analyzing features the app contains may not apparently be explored by many running it on their iPhone 6 or Android devices. The app is a genuine one meant to inspire aspiring DJs with its close to a ghetto like joy and accurate controls.

dajay 2 for Android is available from Google Play Store for $2.99 currently. The Mac version costs $19.99, iPad versions priced at $9.99, and the iPhone app for $2.99.

(Download: djay 2 for Android on the Play Store)