PlayStation 4 Gameplay Recording Will Reportedly Available Without PS Plus Subscription

From the past to the current situation we’re talking about Gaming Consoles. The Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox One owners will apparently require a subscription for Xbox Live Gold in order to use many new features which have been officially announced in the previous month. But that isn’t a problem with Sony’s PlayStation 4. How? Check it right after this break!

Sony has made an announcement that their new PS4 or PlayStation 4 game console doesn’t need any additional subscription to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service, rather allow any owner to record gaming footage without the need of them. So, without any PS Plus subscription, now PlayStation 4’s users are allowed to stream, share and record game footage.


On Twitter, the SCE Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida has announced the breaking news this morning when someone asked directly about – whether the PlayStation 4 console would require a PlayStation Plus membership to record and stream gameplay, as well as watching streaming content on Hulu or Netflix. The answer was “No”, and all those elaborated users will have that functionality enabled.

“a reflection of the current state of PlayStation Plus on PS3 and PS Vita, neither of which require PS Plus membership for media streaming or online play.”

While most of the online multiplayer on PS4 will require a Plus membership, unlike the Vita and Sony’s PS3. Competing with yet anoth rival, the Microsoft in the other side ready to launch their new Xbox One gane console which is par struggling to win the gameplay worldwide. (Via Engadget)