Picnik App To Be Scrapped (Shut Down) By Google Soon

Picnik is an online photo editing app for your browser. It gives real people photo editing superpowers. It’s fast, easy, and offers tons of powerful tools, artistic effects, stickers, frames, touch-ups, scrap booking tools and more. Picnik launched in September 2007 and in the past few years has amassed millions of happy fans on the site, through Facebook, embedded in Flickr, Picasa, Yahoo! Mail, and dozens  other API partners. In 2010 March, Picinik has announced that they are happy to join the Google family of consumr apps. After moving in to the Google offices in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle they got improvements  and still working hard to build the easist, most fun and awesome online photo editor out there.

After few months the photo Web app Picinik is going to close their shop. This was purchased by Google. The pronouncement by Google to wind up Picnik stretched as an
amazement given that they were very positive after buying the company in March 2011. However the time shifted a Creative Kit which is comparable to Picinik in terms of effect has been provided by Google+. Google decided it was time to bid goodbye to the web app.

A superb interface and thoughtful touches make photo editing fun.Picnik is moving its easy yet powerful photo editing tools to Google+. But Picnik doesn’t end until our last day of April 19, 2012.

Annual membership total fee will be refunded to all the subscribers. Not only the Picinik is lone web up preserved with Google Message Continuity but also Google Sky Map, Needlebase, Social Graph API and Urchin also being taken out. Picinik’s team appear to take the ejection of the app pretty well, as they even went on to recommend the Creative Kit of Google+. Despite this, it’s still regrettable that a polished web app such as Picnik was bought and then  deflated in less than a year. Now users are compelled to look for an alternative or just slip into Google’s Creative Kit. via