Photo Rescue App To Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Deleted Photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch ? How to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos ? Answer is here, Download “Photo Rescue App” , that can recover your Deleted Photos on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad .

Photo Rescue App to Recover Deleted Photos from iOS Devices

Many iOS users, like me will ever restore Photos, but the restoring of Photos or other Videos are very important. Backup all the Important Photos and Files in another Memory storage slot or in another external Drive. If you Format or unexpectedly delete any Photos, then you will be unable to restore Photos, if don’t have anu backup.

Now this “Photo Rescue App” for iPhone, Ipad and iPod Touch can help you and me a lot to Recover Deleted Photos. Photo Rescue is a nice, simple way of peeking into your iDevice backups and picking out your much-loved photos for restoration.

Example – If you have lost, stolen or broken your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch ? This Photo Rescue can recover your lost Memories from iTunes backup Files on Mac OS X.

Photo Rescue App Launched

How Photo Rescue can Recover Deleted Photos from iOS Devices :

Just by scanning all of the iOS Backups on your Mac and present all the Photos finds in a simple Image Browser. That’s it.

There are two Free Version of Photos Rescue and Photos Rescue Pro, Where Free Version allows users to see what Photos are aprt of Which Backups and if you want to retrieve them, then you have to pay $4.99 for the Full Version or Pro. s0, that all Devices which have Backups on your Computer Will show here.

Important Note – This Photo Resque is available only for Mac for now and for furthur Information, please head over to Photos Rescue App. Via