PhoneItiPad: Convert iPad 2 to iPhone to Make Calls / Send SMS

PhoneItiPad for iPad 2 ( Jailbreak Tweak )- You can Convert iPad 3G to to iPhone to Make Calls and Send SMS Text Messages from the iPad. But, this PhoneItiPad iPad 2 App is on the way.

Phoneitipad jailbreak tweak to Convert iPad 2 to iPhone to Make Calls and Send SMS

What is PhoneItiPad ?

Actually, this is Jailbreak Tweak developed by the popular Egyptian Team called “iPhoneIslam” created PhoneItipad for iPad 2, which brings ability to Convert your iPad into iPhone, so that you can make calls and Send SMS Text Messages directly from the iPad 2.

Where this PhoneItiPad is currently available for the older iPad 1 version of Apple Tablet Computer. This will be good news for the iPad 2 Users, to have this type of Converter on their iPad 2 in coming days.

This iPhoneIslam team sent an email to the known source , regarding PhoneItiPad for ipad 2 Status :

“This is iTarek from iPhoneIslam Team, I know everybody waiting PhoneItiPad for iPad2 , we working hard on that but it is not easy we hope to have beta soon and we will email you about it when it ready.”

The team will release a beta version of PhoneItiPad for iPad 2 soon. The beta and final version will be available at iPhoneIslam repo,, in Cydia so you must have a jailbroken iPad 2.

So PhoneItiPad for iPad 2 will be available for Download via Cydia Store, but only for the Jailbroken iPad 2 3G users only. Watch this Video op: via Limera1n

PhoneItiPad for iPad 3G turned into Fully Functional Phone