Pebble SmartWatch Update Now Live With Support For iOS 7 Notifications

Following last Wednesday’s announcement of a significant update that would bring support for iOS 7’s Notification Center alerts to the Pebble SmartWatch is live now. Apple has approved Pebble’s app update, enabling the new functionality for Pebble owners.

The Retina iPad mini 2 is official now, can be purchased from Apple’s Online Stores or nearby Apple’s Retail Stores as well with. Version 1.3.0 of the Pebble SmartWatch app supports Apple’s iOS 7 notification system for the iPhone 4s and higher, allowing all Notification Center alerts to be displayed on the SmartWatch face. Revealed lots more!


Now that, Pebble has released a new version of their iOS app to support these features with iOS 7 Notification alerts and Pebble SmartWatch app brings fully functioning features which will be able to work great with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 7. iPhone 5s and 5C as well!

Although, previously these notification alerts were limited to calls and text messages, but now the Pebble Smart Watch is capable to display notifications from social apps like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Calendar, Instagram, and more. Below, you can check about Pebble Smartwatch support for iOS 7 notification Center requirements:

Now get all your notifications. Pebble now supports the enhanced notification system in iOS 7 (for iPhone 4s devices and higher). The latest Pebble OS software update (v1.13.0) is required. Please refer to the help sections of the Pebble app and for information on how to manage notifications sent to your Pebble smartwatch from different iOS apps.”


Here’s the video to watch – showcased on how iOS 7 notifications work on Pebble Smartwatch. Along with the new notification functionality, Pebble has also launched its 2.0 SDK, adding APIs for Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging, and Persistant Storage to allow developers to create apps that interface directly with the world wide web. And to bring a wide range of new apps to their smartwatch platform, though.

Finally, the Pebble SmartWatch can be purchased from Pebble’s official website for $150. Pebble Smartwatch app can be downloaded from the App Store for free. Download here (direct link).