Pebble Smartwatch Now Adds Support For All iOS 7 Notifications, Shipping Globally For $150

Pebble unveiled a significant update (developer tools) that allow for motion- and gesture-tracking apps for its smartwatch, now supports any Notification Center alert which can be pushed directly to the smart watch. Pebble is credited with kicking of the current Smartwatch boom, taken off on crowdfunding site KickStarter and yielding the backing of over 80,000 interested parties. Alongside some of the bigger names in the tech game rumored to be joining the war. In fact Samsung’s Galaxy Gear would be the only fruitful release thus far, now with the Pebble continues to block its place as market leader. Complete details on significant update got by the wearable gadget and its accompanying apps after this break.

Pebble as mentioned above has announced some of the best key updates to the corresponding iOS app, as well as support for gesture-based controls, altogether. The Pebble smartwatch, which started out as a Kickstarter project have received a big update with support for iOS 7 notifications. Announced the release to version 2.0 of the Pebble SDK for developers who can literally create apps that have direct access to the world wide web.


No surprise anymore that, with Google and Apple looking forward set to join Samsung with their own smartwatches in the near future, Pebble in particular needs to put things up its game and perfectly establish itself as firmly as possible among the consumer market. Honestly, I would say this smartwatch is not so accompanied, still needs to play a big role in smartphone / tablet and phablet market to create a big hype in this technical world. Its success on Kickstarter was unexpected and, at least for smartwatch. Still, it’s fair to say things have been a tad quite for a product that should currently basking in glory as a breakthrough device.

The Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky has revealed two major improvements to the Pebble platform as a whole, both out there must help to expand reach and improve the product for those currently in ownership of the smartwatch. Pebble says that it is now fully integrated with iOS 7 and works seamlessly with the iOS Notification Center and provide an overall better service of notifications alerts.

Pebble’s Smartwatch currently only supports calls, texts and emails, which great for most; iOS 7 support will bring the entire Notification Center in to play, so as well as the major social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (G+), your Pebble will also be able to support a wider range of apps. Calendar, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Dropbox, WhatsApp, and Flipboard, among others that includes.

The Pebble SDK is to be bumped to version 2.0 for better access into the smartwatches hardware and software in order to take controls and sensors will be greatly more accessible, paving the way for a potential flurry of fitness apps to possibly compete with the likes of the FuelBand from Nike.


With Pebble on your wrist also works with the likes of iControl, Yelp, FourSquare and GoPro in creating specialized apps. Users can also easily pick and choose which updates they want to see on their Pebble smartwatch. According to the company, all new Pebble app for iOS will also enable this functionality and is under review by Apple. It also informed that more than 50 companion apps are available for Pebble on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store with more than 10,000 developers working on them.

Pebble has also announced the launch of Pebble SDK 2.0, enabling developers to build better Pebble apps and the Software Developer Kit includes four new APIs. JavaScript, Accelerometer, Data Logging and President Storage. The APIs allow developers to make Pebble supported apps that interface directly with the web (real-time weather, transit info, location check-in). Log data even when disconnnected from the phone throufg Nike+ Move (check health/fitness traching), and also able to store information on the watch (high-scores for games and settings), as per Pebble.

Stay tuned to the Technical News Updater to grab more information on Kickstarter’s new Pebble smartwatch project and about the significant updates that adds support for iOS 7 Notification Center.