Today YouTube had just made some work done with the user interface of their video website. YouTube had now decided to keep users cool and rolled out some more updates. The news comes straight from the YouTube development team – the official blog post says that they’ve upgraded the Browser page in order to give […]

More Rumors on Xbox 720 emerges, this time focusing on Blu-ray drive and anti-used game technology. Will the next Xbox use Blu-Ray and would be the Kinects new version 2? So the Micosoft’s next console will make use of Blu-ray disc technology, according to kotaku, the use of Blu-ray would offer upto 50GB of storage […]

The most popular Social network, Facebook seems like just too much? just got adapt at reading through your friends’ stuff and were getting used to things the way they were? And now you are lost? I think i want the earlier style! Would you like the old Facebook look back? Then here’s the Google Chrome […]

Grabi have already shared you with great iPhone themes, iPhone 4 themes iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPod touch themes as well, which are awesome and to be the top and best chosen from different sites. Earlier in 2011 we had published a post on Best iPad 2 themes, when your second-gen iPad was not […]

Apple is ready to target its next major market, while the Brazilian newspaper report says that the Brazilian government officially approved tax incentives that will allow Foxconn to being producing iPads in that Country. According to the Brazil’s news channel,, the news came out that the Barizil approves the Tax exceptions for the Foxconn […]

Once again a rumor surfaced on Apple’s next smartphone venture with a Foxconn employee report says that the next iPhone divice dubbed the “iPhone 5” is already pushed for production. A Foxconn employee has reportedly told 9to5Mac that the iPhone 5 is being geared up for production. If it’s true, then would indicate a summer […]

Success is something different, and entering in a market first or late is doesn’t matter. Success is purely depends upon the quality and performance of a company or a person. Same thing happned in the Sony’s outraged success in UK. Being a late-comer in to the tablet arena, Sony’s Tablet S proved to be a […]

Eager to find out the people who have unfriended you on the Facebook Social networking followers list. It was not really possible before, but now new Facebook Timeline feature lets you find out that. Till now the Facebook haven’t allowed you to see when someone removed from the friends list on the social network. Here’s […]