The smartphone company LG is once again hitting the markets with its new LG X3 quad-core device. The details are leaked out today. The released details include some specifications and a beautifull image of the device. Details after the Jump! The X3 quad-core may be unveiled at the Mobile world Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next […]

It certainly a new years gift from the company and surely will wellcome by the smartphone users. Offers like this comes not very offen and lucky guys grab them at once when they come. Here is such an offer! The HTC ThunderBolt, which is Verizon’s original 4G LTE smartphone is now available for free for […]

Quite a few new Android tablets were featured at CES 2012, and many of them have the potential to be top sellers in 2012. Apple loyalists, of course, will wait for the iPad 3’s release later this year. However, there’s a whole market of Android smartphone enthusiasts who will be interested in what Android technology […]

It is really amazing that Japanese citizens created a latest lighting technology: the cloud-based NetLED system. It is a Wi-Fi equipped fluorescent tube lamp. The 40W LED light pannel concede users to adjust the light as per their wish in a computer, smartphone, RFID-enabled device, or motion/light sensors. This wonderful device is going to launch […]

The ongoing long story of heroic achievement between Pro and anti-Israeli Hackers Persist in an activity to intensify as pro-Israel attackers use distributed refutation of service attacks to take down the websites of three notable Saudi banks. Other than that they allow to access unauthorized data over 4,500 credit card numbers complete with expiration dates, […]

What makes it so great? Everything was up at Google last year — revenue, profits, share price, paid search clicks, hiring — and so, too, was employee love; the search giant climbed three slots in our ranking to reclaim the top spot. Fortune Magazine, the Business and financial news delivered throughout the day along with […]

We had already pushed a text tutorial on how you can jailbreak your 4S iPhone and iPad 2 running on iOS 5.0.x using the newly released Greenpois0n Absinthe tool. Now thinking that your iPhone 4S is already jailbroken, and you’ll definitely need to get some jailbreak tweaks to decorate your jailbroken iPhone 4S and iPad […]

All of you stop doing your work and go grab a new A5 Apple tablet or smartphone and ready to receive the gift of freedom. For the last 3 months we were waiting for this amazing moment keeping all our eyes on the dream team, legendary iPhone hackers, Chronic Dev Team, Cydia creator “Saurik”, Planetbeing, […]

Where to download Absinthe from? a tool released by the Chronic Dev Team to jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The ‘Dream Team’ of hackers have just released their untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. Here’s what P0sixninja details about some in a post on the Greenpois0n blog: The ridiculously […]

Google would make even the Gunnies hold its breath! Untill today 250 million Android devices activated in the world! Not only that, there are 11 billion Apps downloaded! Unbeleavebly true. Google’s CEO Larry Page today reavealed these mind blowing figures at the time of announcement of companie’s forth quarter earnings. The Google’s revenue in the […]