The first voice assistant was integrated into the Apple’s iPhone 4S which the world have been enjoying the various benefits of Siri over several months, by talking advantages of all the features which is to be the next generation intelligent virtual assistant provides. There are already many fake Siri apps for Android devices were available […]

The same way, all the Asus owners are waiting for the update that had already been submitted to  Google a week ago, would be released once its approved by the Google’s team, and here you can get some more details on when it will be available. After launching the Asus Transformer Prime, few days later […]

There are various jailbreak tweaks now available on your jailbroken iOS device, and when we talk about the iPhone 4S users, who got their jailbreak and Cydia launched on their devices. While Siri is that feature does many things, but one thing iPhone 4S users have been waiting since the phone was released back in […]

As we have seen so many wonderful devices at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012, there is one device that made us stop blinking the eyes and appreciated by many of the visitors and critics. That is the Samsung Galaxy Note and now it is gets closer to be unveiled for AT&T. While Ma Bell is […]

Almost all the computer users know that the Internet explorer is a pet product of Microsoft and was the first web browser introduced to the public, released in 1995 as part of the “Plus! for Windows 95” service pack. AS we know, the popular web browser Internet explorer is serves as the basic platform of […]

The Swap-o-matic is a vending machine  and based on the barter economy which playfully tries to remind us that reusing and recycling can be just as fun as buying something new. The machine allows users to donate and receive items, instantly and for free! The goal of this project is to put forward a shift […]

As per the study and result of Flurry people are encapsulating the majority of their time for Games and Social Networking categorizes. 30% of their time is for Social Networking and 49% for games. Remaining 21% time of the consumers is captured by entertainment, News and other activities. 79% of consumers is whopped by these […]

Here comes some amazing news, Google along with MIT to release the code for the Google App Inventor, which is an application provided by Google that allowed anybody to start software applications for the Android operating system (OS). It used a graphical interface, very similar to Scratch and the StarLogo TNG user interface, that allowed […]