Here comes the awaiting news that the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S III heading closer, Amazon Germany has already started accepting pre-orders of the SGS3 handset and with no display of any smartphone images, the price and features unveiled are – given Amazon’s rep as an online retailer as confirmation. Yes 2 days ago a […]

If you are an internet user, you may heard of Pinterest. It is an online website, it allows us to share photos, videos and objects in a pinboard-style format. Especially for Photographers and illustrators as well as graphic designers, Pinterest is one online social website allowing all to share their hardwork and becoming one of […]

If you are a user of iPhone and iPad and travels very frequently either on your business or personal work and facing the language problem in new areas, here i want to give you a good solution to overcome this problem. Though there are somany apps available in the market along with Google Translate for […]

A package has released for your iPhone’s lock screen which usually only consulted to check the time, date or updates on iOS notifications, while the Cydia store gives you a bunch of tweaks and apps developed by devs who have unlocked many functionalities for futhur possibilities, allowing simple tasks to be completed quickly, effectively, and […]

We’ve been seen various photos of the Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S III device which were concepts, or told to be leaked, but today the disguised prototype of Galaxy S3 has been caught in the wild. Now, courtesy of a Vietnamese site, the world may finally be taking its first glimpse at the sought-after device. Far […]

While the jailbreak community in this world is eagerly waiting for the next iOS jailbreak, and with the updated news came in the form of a tweet regarding it from Pod2g, the iPhone Dev Team have been hard at work as usual integrating additional features and updates to their popular Redsn0w jailbreak tool. Everyone is […]

In the past month as promised, Sony has launched its PlayStation Suite SDK beta as a developer program, enabling coders to create games for the PS Vita, PlayStation-certified phones and tablets, and more. Now use the suite of tools to create games and applications for all PlayStation-certified devices, such as Sony’s new PS Vita portable […]

Millions of Facebook fans including me have complained about the output of their Facebook Timeline, but no worry, here’s an application that can make you free from those issues. Here’s PinView, a new Facebook app, displays items from your News Feed, Timeline, friends list and pages as small panels, just like Pinterest. Details after this […]

Think! you know the benefits of rooting your handset and that will be one of the expected reason to purchase an Android-based devices, similar to jailbreaking after buying an iPad, iPhone or iPod. The amount of joy that can be had with a rooted devices is almost limitless, and, since there are bunch of developers […]