I contemplate that as we foreseeable the Amazon Kindle Fire to be a flourishing little tablet. The tablet runs Android, has Approach to lots of apps, and has a considerable digital bookstore. It is a very good device but the Kindle Fire sells for under $200 making it a rampant haggle assessed to the iPad. […]

The trickled Android 4.0 ICS ROM give the impression to be an official emancipation and has been available on the XDA Developers Forums, and reports it version as 4.0.4. once mounted it was correspondingly ascertain that the leaked ROM as well stipulate an update to the handsets base band. Google in progress undulating out an […]

Home in India, then here’s a good news for owners of Lenovo ThinkPad, by this May, Lenovo is rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich for ThinkPad tablets, means the second quarter this year. While the ThinkPad runs Android 3.1 Honeycomb, so you will be able to upgrade your tablet with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich soon. […]

Here’s the catch, Samsung is readying its range of smartphones and tablets to unveil at MWC which will take place in Barcelona next month. But now the rumor surfaced that Samsung will be announcing a new product before that event in February 2012 . Samsung to launch a new device during Super Bowl 2012 ,this […]

The latest version of Firefox for the Windows PC and Mac OS X is right here to grab. this newest web browser includes a Forward button that remains hidden until you you actually need it, and also supports for full-screen APIs, and better extensions management. Mozilla has released the version 10 for Firefox which comes […]

BlackBerry is one of the highly anticipated smartphone in the world before the Android and iPhone age. But RIM’s market share has gone down in these two years and when you see the market share in the UK, the Research In Motion claims its BalckBerry handsets were the best selling in the United Kingdom since […]

At  ComputeX 2011 we saw an elegant device which is a combination of the phone and tablet called Asus Padfone. This device with a new concept of combining two instruments together, expected to take a long time for the launch but now it seems that the ASUS’s Padfone device will be released at the Mobile […]

Nokia has announced the Nokia Lumia 800 a Windows-phone based handset to launch in Australia in this March 2012, because of their global roll out of its latest WP 7.5 Mango  devices. Company introduces the devices with different colours which include white, black, blue and magenta and it is obtainable with a number os Australia’s […]

The programmable magnets which is using to lock and unlock iOS devices, the new Apple patent application has been uncovered by the Patently Apple website. A patent is a form of intellectual property. It consists of a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or their assignee for a limited […]

A wireless broadband services provider, Clearwire corp company has announced three new products which will extend the potential for unlimited 4G usage plans. The new Hotspots are CLEAR Spot Voyager and the CLEAR Hub Express. Both of the new hotspots strengthen the coming LTE 4G networks. Anyhow the new networks will be obtainable in all […]