The Nexus 7 2 that beats the Apple’s iPad mini in a range of accurate tests including dropping, and that’s not what we’re talking about today. The 7-inch slab has arrived as the best Android tablet called itself the sequel version of Nexus 7, but it didn’t made any impact in sales when competing with […]

Before we talk about the good news regarding the new jailbreak exploit, we have to litarally accept that the Apple’s new version of iOS 7 software update is coming to your iPhone, ipad and iPod touch next Wednesday. Now, pod2g has just tweeted out that he is becoming more and more cofident about an iOS […]

Well, there are several reasons why you want your personal photos hidden on your smartphone or tablet, either it could be an iPhone or an iPad. Obviously there are a variety of apps now available on the internet for free and paid download. Today, we’ll be talking about how to hide your photos on the […]

The search giant is pretty good at keeping secrets, which we have already seen in the past, either on search engine, Adwords, or smartphones like Nexus 7 2. Went on sale before the official announcement, and before that we got everything about the tablet. The case which we’re talking today is somewhat similar to the […]

The most interesting inclusion found in the new iPhone 5s is undoubtedly it’s fingerprint scanning capabilities. Considering the nationwide panic regarding security and privacy, both offline and online, Apple introduced this capacitive, sapphire crystal-covered fingerprint sensor-cum-home button, that reads under your skin at a resolution of up to 500ppi. Although the new features integrated on […]

Apple started taking pre-orders for its new, low-cost iPhone and confirms that iPhone 5s orders will begin at 12:01am PT, In-Stores Sales at 8am on September 20th. The decision to not allow pre-orders of the new iPhone 5s, the company don’t seem to have explained that reason in any great deal, but we’re not going […]

The Redmond software maker’s latest gaming console is called the Microsoft Xbox One though, it has given a nickname as “Xbone”, which isn’t that impressive. Today, Microsoft didn’t stopped with the nickname but purchased domain name, which was spotted by the guys over at Fusible. Xbone name was posted on NeoGas earlier this week […]

Although Nokia’s latest Windows Phone 8 handset “Lumia 925,” priced at Rs. 33,499 in India, and on Wednesday, Nokia has launched EMI scheme for Lumia 925, wherein the amount can be paid in six equal monthly installments at zero percent rate of interest. Now, Nokia Lumia 925 is available for EMIs? Yes, Nokia has tied […]