As i think the newly released Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Win8CP) brought some great features with it. While Microsoft actually pushed it as a public beta so that everyone can experience the new Metro UI. Earlier in October 2011, a Developer Preview of the Windows 8 was first released and made us, you very […]

There are various Cydia tweaks that makes you experience something that you can’t get from the official App Store. Apple has recently announced the fact that the twenty fifth billionth application has been downloaded from their App Store, confirming the application hub as the biggest on the mobile planet. While now a days as statistic […]

The iPad 3 or called to be the iPad HD or the next iPad will be soon rolling out into the international spotlight, but here’s what you will miss if you haven’t seen this. Whats it is all about? A magician and performance artist Simon Pierro gets his hands on the “iPad 3″ earlier than […]

We have already witnessed some simple-to-use file-transferring apps like EZ Drop and DropSpot, Now one more application called X-Link for Android devices is available in the market to transfer files over Wifi without any account. Though the X-link works similar to EZ Drop in transferring files, the difference is that when you consider that a. […]

After Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview was pushed out and made available for download, everyone had a chance to experience the company’s most awesome change in user interface since Windows 95. Likewise, it was always going to be compared squarely against the biggest, best and some would argue only real competition in the tablet market: […]

Just a few days ago Microsoft has pushed the prerelease version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview as the public beta, and the stiore that features Metro applications which runs on the Consumer Preview. In just 24 hours time, public has downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview one billion times. As we saw that some quitly apps […]