Eagerly waiting for this news to come out as Samsung launches Galaxy S III teaser, takes deep shot at Apple iOS device users and where the Koreab consumer electrnics giant is giving absolutely nothing away. With the official announcement set for ten days’ time, Samsung  has released a couple of short teaser videos, although anybody […]

Few days back we have seen a Vietnamese video of the leaked Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S III smartphone which was announced as holding a special event in London on 3rd May, while the Korean company is also expected to announce their 10.1″ Galaxy tablet along with the next-generation new Galaxy S III device at the […]

Here is one interesting news surfaced about the Microsoft’s patent which was officially published some details by the United States Patend and Trademark Office. This patent relates to an unexpected technology gadget for the coming future which can amaze all the smartphone users over the world. And that’s nothing but! The patent from the Microsoft […]

For the Japanese community, HTC has announced its brand new Android smartphone called “HTC One J”. Its not the latest brand, and not a new device too, but a redesigned HTC One S with supporting Wimax connectivity made for KDDI au. While this modified One J features the same implemented in the HTC’s One S […]

Witin one day there were all unusual things happened for those rely in unlocking their iPhones who have been pleasantly surprised with the revelation that all basebands and firmware versions can be carrier unlocked – provided of course that said device is jailbroken. First the bingner Cydia repo facilitating the method has been almost ground […]

Similar to the Google Chrome, now a days Mozilla opting to release newer versions of its popular browser at the sparkling speed, it’s didn’t surprise me to see version 12 being released today. Yes! 5 weeks back Firefox 11 dropped for Windows, Mac and Linux. This Firefox 12, as new enhancements include updates to the […]

A gift from the legendary jailbreakers and unlockers have been pushed for those who are eagerly waiting for the news to cheer about as the cat and mouse game with Apple and the networks becomes more and more difficult for those involved in producing jailbreaks and iPhone unlocks. When a new iOS firmware releases, then […]