Uncertainty you have been hooked your copy of Windows since a long time, it must have reserved numerous of unwanted items from every part installed and uninstalled applications, downloaded zips, etc. Occasionally, viruses perceive obsessed by our system which untidiness with some settings, for case in point, lots of viruses block the Windows Task Manager […]

Here’s the way rooting your Android phone, it’s time to educate the humans knowing mobile operating and learning several how to root any Android devices about some technical issues. Same thing happened in rooting an Android device. Previously it was a big task and known to only technical experts. Now it is as simple as […]

Here’s something spotted by the security research firm Intego, which specializes in Mac-related software, found a new variant of the Imuler trojan horse targeting Mac OS X users. The latest version of the Imuler.C trojan attempts to trick end and corporate users into thinking that they’re downloading and about to view image files (opened as […]

I was looking for the best iPad 3 themes compatible to the new iPad’s Retina screen. But i didn’t made it yet, however i found something you would consider most, about the new iPad display. User interface designer Lukas Mathis decided he wanted to know what the new iPad’s Retina display looked like up close […]

Have you got your newly released Retina Display featuring third-gen iPad? You had it, then you would like have the best iPad 3 apps for that. It no secret that the best applications for the New iPad 3rd-gen are the ones that take advantage of the improvements that the new iPad brings to the table. […]

If you want to operate more than one device with your smartphone, it is better to apt for Nokia Lumia 610 without any second thought. As the Nokia’s website reveals the details about the handset, this Nokia Lumia 610 will outdate the more expensive and higher specced smartphones like Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 with […]

An update for the Instapaper is now available to make it more easier to read on your devices screen even in the early evenings and mornings and probably in the nights. The developer of the famous reading app Instapaper, The Marco Arment has modified it with a 4.1 update. This update 4.1, which provides Retina […]

What you see now would be the Samsung Galaxy S III which hasn’t stopped supposed press images leaking left right and indeed center by the Samsung who want to keep the Galaxy S III under its hat. Still there has been no shortage of Samsung Galaxy S III phone rumors and leaks. With this new […]

Samsung has recently pushed the 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system to its Galaxy S II and many already updated it through OTA and some made it manually. While Samsung also announced that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for its Galaxy Note previously, which would be released in the first quarter of […]

Its the LibreOffice one of the libre and open source personal productivity power packed with free suite for Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux, which gives you six feature rich applications for all your Document production and data processing. LibreOffice suite a comprehensive productivity suite that you can download and install it for free on your running […]