Good news for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users, now Cellpig is offering the iPhone 4 & 4S case (Cellhelmet) with one year insured coverage. It means we are not only getting the protection for our devices but at the same time we are getting the assurence to replace and repair our devices incase […]

You might be aware of BTJunke one of the most popular torrent search engine that has featured the largest index of torrent files on the web, now shut downs. Why the BTJunke stopped its peer-to-peer service? That’s what we will take about right now. Details after this jump! The answer is simple, what BTJunkie did […]

Zettabyte File System (ZFS) was once heading to OS X, which was originally developed by SUN, however, Apple stopped working on implementing it in the year 2009. What is ZFS? and what referenses of ZFS found in iOS 5.1 beta? That’s what we are to talk about. Details after the jump! About ZFS from Wikipedia’s […]

Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone was released in June 2011, now pushing its next-gen quad-core Galaxy S III with 7mm thick body.According to the South Korea’s Electronic Time News on monday cited unnamed sources in claiming Samsung’s upcoming flagship superphone will pack impressive specs into a case that is just 7 millimeters thick – the […]

The Damm You Autocorrect one of the popular website has published a list of twenty five best of favorite iPhone’s auto-correct fails of all the time. For those who missed the reality, Damm You Autocorrect allows users to upload screenshots of text message coversations that contain unknown errorscuased by Apple’s problematic auto-correct functionality.   Jillian […]

Looking for an all-in-one customizing app for your Springboard? Here’s Springtomize, its been updated with full iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S on iOS 5.x compatibility. Springtomize is a tweak that lets you customize your springboard to make it look and feel how you desire. Details after the jump! The Springtomize cydia tweak has finally […]

It seems that the Barcelona will celebrate this month with lots of new upcoming devices as the great show is ahead. All the companies are planning for the releases of their new devices at that event. Among one of them, the LG may be release Two new smartphones P700 and P880 at the Mobile World […]

Thinking of any app that could capture a still image – a picture – a Photo – while simulatiniously shooting video with your iPhone. While with the default camera app you will have to stop recording video, switch back to camera mode, snap a photo, then again switch back to video mode and start recording. […]

Here comes the biggest game of the year – Super Bowl XLVI started and If you are eager to catch the live action on your iPad or iPhone, iPod touches to enhance the viewing experience, here’s the list of application for iOS devices. You can stay up to date while away from home and on […]

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