Searching for the best open-source web browser for a faster, safer, and more stable way to experience the internet, here’s Chromium an application that serves as the foundation for Chrome, with Goog’s developers improving the software and adding a bunch of enhancements to make it worthy of the Google badge. Chromium web browser handles 30 […]

It now seems that the the fruit company is looking for a big battle with those jailbreakers those seeking the exploits to create utilities for Non-iPhone 4S devices. Apple in the past the company pushed an update of iOS 4.3.4 firmware said to be a “bug fixer”, but it was actually to block the untethered […]

Life Insurance Corporation of India is the predominant insurance sector in India with crores of insurance policies and crors of insurance policy premium transactions every month. you can gain any LIC policy and be comfort yourself. One of the major problem is policy holders are unknown to the ways to check LIC policy status. It […]

PC Suite is an application designed to enable phone owners to transfer important files from the mobile phone to the computer and vice versa, but also to control some of the handheld’s features straight from the desktop. All reinforced mobile phone driver software and PC suites for it’s innumerable mobile phones that you can use […]

If you are a big gamer then you will be having an opportunity to check out the Mass Effect 3, and can’t watch the full action are now pleased that the highly anticipated Mass Effects 3 demo is live and available to download and play. The launch of Mass Effects 3 final date is set […]

Morning this day we wrote about how you can install Ubuntu on your Android devices or tablets by using the universal guide of installer. You have already installed Windows 95, XP on Android in the past and also run linux various flavours though. Ubuntu Installer will be the easiest way that heps you to install […]

The well know tweak called “AndroidLoader” was first released onto the Cydia store almost nine months ago. May 2011 saw developer Surenix release AndroidLoader for jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches which gave users the ability to use a tap or slide in gesture to view all of their installed applications in one place. The name […]

This post describes various flavors of Linux available to those who looking for an open-source platform like Ubuntu from which to compute. Its already a freeware and simplest to install – allowing even the most unfortunate to download it. For those of you who want to install Ubuntu on your Android smartphone or tablet device, […]

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