Last week Apple has announced its new updated version of third generation set top box, the Apple TV, which went on sale a few days ago. The major change with the device over the Apple TV 2G is the ability to playback full high definition video in 1080p. The new Apple TV 3G have been […]

If you are an Android device owner which haven’t yet got the market .apk then you probably can’t download the latest apps released. Since the Android mobile operating system is a strong, but lacking the Android Internet support community and without an adequate Android support system in place, many Android users are left in the […]

As we know, jailbreaking in iOS devices is some what critical and lengthy process. In some way Android smartphones are easy to root and unlock to be able to give access to third party applications. we already published an artical on how to root Android devices using Unlock root. Now a rooting tutorial was on […]

There are several ways you can find in Android devices, which has the ability to set up customized by your own (user) in ways that iOS users don’t have. With the help of Timeriffic for Android, the application which has been updated v1.09.12 lets you set up custom WiFi, 3G/4G, custom notification sounds, ringtones, and […]

Uncertainty you have been hooked your copy of Windows since a long time, it must have reserved numerous of unwanted items from every part installed and uninstalled applications, downloaded zips, etc. Occasionally, viruses perceive obsessed by our system which untidiness with some settings, for case in point, lots of viruses block the Windows Task Manager […]

Here’s the way rooting your Android phone, it’s time to educate the humans knowing mobile operating and learning several how to root any Android devices about some technical issues. Same thing happened in rooting an Android device. Previously it was a big task and known to only technical experts. Now it is as simple as […]

Here’s something spotted by the security research firm Intego, which specializes in Mac-related software, found a new variant of the Imuler trojan horse targeting Mac OS X users. The latest version of the Imuler.C trojan attempts to trick end and corporate users into thinking that they’re downloading and about to view image files (opened as […]

I was looking for the best iPad 3 themes compatible to the new iPad’s Retina screen. But i didn’t made it yet, however i found something you would consider most, about the new iPad display. User interface designer Lukas Mathis decided he wanted to know what the new iPad’s Retina display looked like up close […]