Apple has rolled out the latest version of iOS ipsw, pushing it to the current 5.1.1 firmware, users have dropped into another thought whether to upgrade to the latest software or not. We an iPhone user use their device without any regular modifications, while the jailbreakers and unlockers who are always lazy when the update […]

Have you accidentally upgraded your idevice to the Apple’s latest updated version iOS 5.1.1 IPSW firmware and want to downgrade back to the older version 5.0.1 iOS? Here’s iFaith for Windows that can help you downgrading your iOS device from the latest to previous version if you have Saved SHSH blobs for that firmware which […]

Apple has just released download iOS 5.1.1 IPSW update for all iDevice owners along with the next-generation iPad Retina display tablet with pre-installed iOS 5.1. Producing and pushing out the update to its mobile operating system, taking the latest version of 5.1.1, which offers some additional features, bug fixes and security patches though, its also […]

The legendary developer i0n1c better known as Stefen Esser in the jailbreak community has teased a snap via Twitter of the third-gen iPad 3 running Cydia on the brand new iOS 5.1.1 firmware. Similar thing done successfully with the iOS 5.1 earlier, but when he will release to public living in the world, we have […]

Here comes another update version of iOS 5.x firmware fixes several bugs and includes improvements on reliability of using HDR option on iOS 5.1.1. Apple introduced the latest tablet to the world with a new improved, next-generation iPad complete with full HD Retina display and pre-installed with iOS 5.1. After the announcement made in the […]