Before shipping the Windows 8 update to users, Microsoft makes a few testings near-final versions of Windows 8.1, but the Redmond software maker won’t be releasing the final update publicly until October. Confirmed by Microsoft that the Windows 8.1 release date is all set on October 18th and the final version of 8.1 update will […]

Rather than September 10, 2013, Apple is all set to announce the next-generation iPhone 5’s successor the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C on October 25th. This is the technology world, where everything is speculated till the genuine one is confirmed. What might be packed into the next installment is a question, and about the […]

What is Google’s Chromecast? A new invention of Google has made their existence showing innovative design for modern as well as technical users. Google Chromecast works better and offers the same features like wireless connection. A peripheral only debuted a couple of weeks ago, with its cheap price and emergence as a relatively hackable product. […]

Samsung once again pushing the dominant level of cell phones into the smartphone market, and now it seems to have agitation with developing a device that suits every customer. The South Korean giant still pumping an array of smartphones to cover all bases, and pushes out a variety of dumphones, but one exclusive type of […]

Evidence of the aforementioned title is here. According to HTC CMO Ben Ho – told a Taiwan-based publication that HTC is planning to unveil a new variant of HTC One in the forthcoming quarter of this year. Maximized, which could indicate that the new highly-anticipated variant of One series HTC’s flagship smartphone – the HTC […]

It’s an early call, Nvidia by mistake suggested that the Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version would be coming soon this Autum, which was leaked in NVIDIA’s  inadvertently at its recent earnings call. Chris Evenden, the senior director of investor relations at Nvidia at its earning call listed Rockstar’s upcoming title alongside other games headed […]

After struggling with Apple, Samsung, Windows Phone and HTC in the smartphone market, BlackBerry is back again with the launch of yet another new handset – the BlackBerry 9720. QWERTY keyboard was first made available in the BlackBerry handsets, but it finally built-in all the latest smartphones these days. If you’re one of those who […]

First of all boot-up Skype right now to get the best 720p High-Definition video calling ability on to the iPhone 5 and iPad 4th-generation tablet. The iOS device now ships with built-in support for Facebook, Microsoft-acquired Skype still enjoys a decent following on Apple’s range of mobile products. Windows Phone was treated to HD video […]