Microsoft’s SkyDrive is a purely web-based desktop application that only provide you to sync your Windows or Mac computer data to the cloud storage. Microsoft is likely to release the new SkyDrive cloud service for both the Windows and Mac, including paid storage solutions for customers. Dropbox, Sugarsync and Zumodrive are some of the great […]

This year at HITBSecConf , the 2012 iOS jailbreak “Dream Team” will be presenting in the event “HITB” that will be held on Mat 21-25th, Amsterdam. What are they going to show, discuss or reveal? Details after the jump! P0sixninja has announced that the 2012 iOS jailbreak ‘Dream Team’ will be presenting at the HITBSecConf […]

With some search related tips and tricks, team of Google has created a short video that puts all the stuff on Google com . For regular users you may not find anything but for some it’s a new kind of searches you can perform on com. A power Google users wouldn’t find any new […]

If you want to create an ebook and publish it as standard PDFs and  export read and distribute thruogh Apple’s iBookstore .  Apple is giving a free software program called Apple’s iBooks Author . iBooks Author a free software program and a professional-looking eBooks with some elements of interactivity and is  not as complex as […]

Have you ever thought to create or develop iOS applications by your own? You have the chance now, Apple has released a guide on how you can develop your own iOS Apps. Apple wants developers on that line, Apple needs developers on that line. Apple making an effort to onboard new developers with a beautiful […]

Rumors surfaced the software maker has spoken with some major record companies about creating a new music service to stream on Xbox and an upcoming Windows-based phone. This news came straight from the CNET – said that Microsoft “has discussed creating a service that would supply tunes to the Xbox as well as an upcoming […]

VLC is, an open source media player available. Users should be excited to know that the Videolan has shown off VLC 2.0 which features an extensive redesign. Combining with a sleek, simplistic interface with the ability to play seemingly any audio or video files, that’s the reason it become of the most popular application to […]

HTC will be busy at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 with the announcements of it’s new Android devices called “HTC One X and HTC One S”. But now, as the guys over at Pocket Lint leaked some information, the HTC will also unveil one more Android smartphone called the HTC One V. The report […]