Apple just a few days ago has released a new version of iOS 7 update to resolve (fix) a lock screen bug in the form of “iOS 7.0.2″, but it also contains the same. Found a new glitch involving security with Siri in iOS 7.0.2. Complete details right after this jump! Having trouble with Siri, […]

This isn’t unknown to all, but it’s the truth – any electronic gadget, might be Laptops, smartphones, tablets of any manufacturer plugged into the board everytime will definitely kill the power (battery life) efficiancy of such electronics. According to the recent report from the Wired, it’s indeed the fact, you shouldn’t even let your Laptop […]

Apple’s AirDrop feature enables the method of transferring files wirelessly from one iOS smartphone / tablet to another device like iPhones, and iPad. AirDrop is one of the most amazing new way to share photos, documents, notes, lists and more with other devices sharing the same wireless network. Thanks to the new iOS 7 AirDrop […]

The offering is just something when you exchange your used iPhone 5 or 4s, the company will buy those in seconds and hopes to get customers a new Windows phone. Microsoft wants to take your Apple handsets off your hands, as with the iPad offer. Full details after this jump! Microsoft seems to be taking […]

Rumors on the forthcoming and unannounced iPads to be under the spotlight as iPhones are already in the market, and now talking about the purported iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. Now, it seems to the Apple’s next-big thing, and we already saw some leaked photos of the alleged iPad 5 spotted in the Silver […]

Currently there are two different stores, one for Windows only apps and the second for Windows Phone applications, but now, Microsoft is thinking to change it. Full details according to the recent report can be grabbed after this break. The Verge who claims that Microsoft is reportedly planning to declare a single App Store for […]

About the new iOS 7.0.2 update, released and available to download & install on all iOS 7-compatible iPads, iPhones and iPod touch 5th-gen. Now, hinking about updating the device would kill any chances for a future tethered/untethered jailbreak? This point to be noted that iOS 7.0.2 jailbreak is under its way and MuscleNerd of Evad3rs […]

The announcement today made by Warner Bros, of the ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Season Pass, which will be available for $19.99, features five game DLCs along with additions of the storyline. Full details about it will be revealed after this fold! Rather than buying five DLCs individually, would approximately for users caost at $29.99, so it’s […]

Kicked off in San Fransisco on October 8th, Apple’s newly announced iOS 7 Tech Talks for App Store developers will take place in six regions (cities) around the world by this year end. Complete inforamtion about iOS Tech Talks schedule can be achieved right after this break. By announcing this year’s Tech Talk schedule for […]