According to this latest report, Sony claims that the new PlayStation (PS4) will beat the new Xbox 720 to market. Microsoft is expected to launch its next Xbox by Christmas, while Sony intends to launch their PlayStation 4 console before Microsoft’s next Xbox console. The news comes from the guys over at VG247, who have […]

Recent reports surfaced on the Google’s upcoming Galaxy Nexus tablet, which we had been hearing about an alleged Nexus-range tablet by ASUS. Google earlier this month had chosen Asus to produce their upcoming “Nexus Tablet”, while these reports came directly from the DigiTimes, who also said the 7-inch tablet could land as early as May […]

At last, the most awaiting social live apps, Instagram for Android finally hits the Google Play Store. Since this Instagram app has been around since 2010, only made advantageous for iOS devices. Good news is waiting for all Android users. Details after this jump! Recently we informed you about the Android version of the increadibly […]

Most famous pop princess Madonna, has given the fans a lot to cheer about. For thousands of fans across the world she is giving unlimited access 24/7 everything they want to hear. With unlimited number of videos and interviews of the pop princess htis app is something for every fan who respects the woman who […]

Recently a rumored news surfaced on the web that Apple working on patent application to implement a 3D camera on the next iPhone. Today, LG is ready to release its galsses-free 3D smartphone to the world in 2012. In the past we heard heard tons of names and leaks, it will officially be known as […]

The latest reports about the redesigned family of Apple’s iMac computers to feature anti-reflective displays. While back in 2009, Apple lastly had its last major re-design and according to the Insiders of the fuite company says that this years 2012 iMac’s will get the new slimmer design, and that will come along with the reflective […]

If you are an Motorola user and want to get the Google’s latest iteration of mobile OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, then here’s a good news, the Motorola’s MotoBlur 4.0 ICS launcher released as a leaked version. Most people tend to steer away from Motorola‘s user interface changes previously known as BLUR.   This […]

The latest news reveals that Sony is planning to launch hardware based on the Google TV media platform in France an European country. Google fans are eagerly waiting for the lack of Google TV ouside the land of the free ever since it was released. Now those who living in Europe finally, to get the […]

This news came straight from the Nintendo-focused site that Nintendo is planning to push its latest console “Wii U” launch in November 18th of this year, according to an internal email reportedly leaked from Akihabara-based Media Land, a popular video games retailer in Tokyo. Obtained by WiiUDaily, suggests Wii U is slated to launch in […]