Apple is all set to officially announce the next-gen iOS device, dubbed the iPhone 5S in September along with Apple’s new iOS software version – iOS 7. In the mean time, it is also rumored that Apple is also expected to launch a budget iPhone as well, which you have seen in a number of […]

On August 1st, Google is planning to announce Motorola’s first highly-anticipated Moto X handset to the world officially, and today, we got some news bout Motorola Smart watch in the works. SmartWatches seem to be the next major technology that major companies are working on, such as Apple is rumored to be making its own […]

These days there are some affective ways to unlock your smartphone in a different region, which is one type of hack and today, a German cryptographer called Karsten Nohl claims that he has found a way on how to hack SIM card. Once it’s hacked, it could apparently affect hundreds of millions of mobile phones […]

If you’re running Chrome OS betas on your devices or using it on a ChromeBook or ChromeBox, then you’ll be fond to grab some exclusive updated features such as ‘immersive” mode, smarter app search within it. Details can be found after the break! The Chrome OS would be one of the best competitor to Windows, […]

Google is highly anticipated to officially announce the Motorola’s Moto X on August 1st. This isn’t the first leak, rather after leaks upon leak over the last few weeks, today it has seen the sunlight with images of the unannounced Google Android-powered handset. Now, with the courtesy of images which come as rendred press shots […]

A new version of APK was signed by Google for its Play Store in the past month which is the fix for the battery draining bug, and today yet another system dump has been discovered in the wild. This time for Android 4.3, for Google’s Nexus 4 handset and that ROM lies under an updated […]

In order to gain iPhone sales, Apple will be releasing a new redesigned version of its Apple Store application for the iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod touch next week. According to the report, the update will apparently include a revamped interface and a handful of great features, including free iTunes content that can […]

HTC not only announced a new HTC One flagship with a shrink ray. Responding to the call for smaller smartphones, introduced the HTC One Mini. Following the footsteps of its outstandingly successful bigger brother slicing off some components but managing to maintain a real sense of class, in the same manner as Samsung has done […]

Although Google is hosting the Android event and the reports earlier claimed that the company is set to release a sequel of its popular Nexus 7 tablet, which has been a hot topic in the blogosphere of late, and now, we got the prices of each different configuration of the Upcoming Android phone. Means the next […]